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What Internet Speed Do I Need for Netflix?

What Internet Speed Do I Need for Netflix?

Netflix has gradually established itself as the most reputable streaming platform out there. Millions of viewers throughout America and worldwide purchase Netflix subscriptions to enjoy their precious movies. However, watching videos on the platform would not be a great experience without a reliable Internet connection. That leaves you wondering, what’s the minimum internet speed you’d need to be able to watch something on Netflix without disruptions?

For starters, Netflix recommends viewers to adjust their video quality to align with their respective internet quality and available speed or MBs. If the streaming platform detects a slow internet connection, it will not stream titles in HD even if they are available in high definition. The purpose of doing this is to minimize video buffering. So, even though you get to watch your movies or TV shows without interruptions on a slow connection, you will unfortunately suffer a low video quality.

Recommended internet speed for Netflix

In a nutshell, the internet speed you need for Netflix depends on the quality of videos you want to be able to watch. Let’s take a look at each video quality and their corresponding internet requirements.

1. Watching Standard Definition videos on Netflix

Speed needed – 3 Mbps

Standard Definition (SD) is primarily regarded as the video quality of past years. It is the kind of quality that you get on older displays and other technologies. Consider the likes of VHS and tube TVs.

SD videos take various formats, including 480 pixels, 360 pixels, and 240 pixels.
As you can imagine, watching Netflix in SD would not have high implications on the connection bandwidth. An average of 3.0 Mbps should work just fine for you.

However, the question that you may have is whether or not this quality would be satisfactory. Well, SD cannot meet the same standards as other formats. It is regarded as the cheapest format and is comparable to DVD quality since DVDs max out at 480p.

2. Watching High Definition videos on Netflix

Speed needed – 5 Mbps

Most people prefer watching Netflix in high definition. This video quality occurs mainly in two formats: 720 pixels and 1080 pixels.

It would help if you had an internet speed of at least 5 Mbps to stream your HD titles. To watch Netflix in this quality, you need to start by buying an HD plan and change the quality settings to Auto or High. With this setting, movies and TV shows will automatically play in HD provided the connection is at least 5 Mbps.

As mentioned above, Netflix will sometimes automatically take you to a low-tier quality if your bandwidth does not match the preferred quality of streaming. Thus, you want to make sure that you meet all internet speed requirements.

3. Watching Ultra High Definition videos on Netflix

Speed needed – 25 Mbps

Streamers who would like to enjoy ultra-high-definition titles in Netflix need to install at least a 25 Mbps connection.

Of course, your devices must also support this streaming quality before choosing such a package.

Checking my Internet speed on Netflix

You can use Netflix to determine your internet speed. The streaming platform has created as its sole testing platform. Run a quick speed test from your computer or phone to determine whether you need to upgrade your internet for a better streaming experience.


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