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5 Practical Tips to Improve Your Online Learning Experience

5 Practical Tips to Improve Your Online Learning Experience

Online learning can be difficult. Even after almost an entire year of online courses, many students still find themselves struggling to succeed. If you’re still finding it difficult to learn outside the classroom, or if your kids are struggling and need some help, here are some tips for success with online learning!

Have a Separate Space for Learning

Having a separate space for online learning can help you stay away from distractions, stay focused, and learn the material. If you have an extra room in your home, this should be rather easy to do. Just add a desk and chair or even a small folding table and whatever extra chair you have in your house. If you want to make it feel more comfortable, decorate the space with things that inspire you.

Otherwise, if you don’t have a room that is available to be your designated learning space, create a small area within whatever room you can. Try not to use your bed or couch as your learning space. Your brain will have a difficult time determining that this is where you should learn and you’ll be more likely to be distracted!

Schedule Everything Into a Planner

It’s easy to let online classes slip aside or wait until the last minute. To prevent this problem, you need to schedule time to do the classwork.

If you have a scheduled Zoom or Google Classroom session, it’s important to attend this instead of watching the lesson later. Make sure that you have an alarm set fifteen minutes before class so that you have time to set up and get ready to learn.

Schedule homework time before it’s due so that you’re able to get the work done without having to scramble and do it last minute. Additionally, you should set aside time before class to read the material and prepare to participate in classroom discussion.

Are you a college student? If so, many educators recommend that students take two to three hours of homework time for every one hour that they’re in class. Schedule this right into your planner to make sure that you have enough time to absorb all the material.

Make Time Management Fun

Managing your time while doing homework or classwork is difficult. It’s so tempting to get on your phone and watch a video or browse social media. However, it isn’t impossible to make time management fun. Try buying a timer or setting one on your phone to schedule productivity and fun time.

For example, if you have three hours of homework that need to be completed, schedule yourself 15 minutes of fun time for every hour of homework you complete. Set a timer, and when it goes off, you’re allowed to do whatever you want in those fifteen minutes. Or, turn homework into a game. Reward yourself with food or a prize for every hour, page, or assignment that you complete or read. Managing your time doesn’t have to be a drag. Instead, make it into something that you’ll learn to enjoy doing.

Be an Active Participant

One of the most important tips for online learning is to be an active participant. It’s easy to turn on a Zoom session or recorded lecture and not pay attention to it. Many of us have let our lecture turn into background noise while we do something else. Being an active participant can help us avoid this bad habit and learn better in the classroom.

When your professor or teacher is looking for an answer, raise your hand or unmute yourself and provide one. Even if you have nothing more to provide than commentary or a question, it’s still important to participate in some shape or form. It’s easier to understand a concept if you ask questions about it or engage with the material. It’ll also help you to get all your participation points!

Set Goals

Setting goals is another one of the most important tips for online learning. You can do this in many different ways, but it should always involve completing your class work on time and attending class regularly. Some of the ways to set goals includes:

  • Use a planner. Many planners have an area that is set aside for goals. If yours doesn’t have this section, simply write your goals into the planner. If you prefer to not use a paper planner, use online options such as Google Calendar or apps like My Study Life.
  • Be specific. Make your goals specific to exactly what you want to accomplish. If you have three assignments due for one class and one for another, make sure that your goals are specific to getting these done. Break down large assignments into smaller goals such as “read thirty pages” or “write three pages.”
  • Make your goals visible. A great way to remember to do your goals and to get them done on time is to make them visible. Put your weekly goals on a whiteboard that hangs in your bedroom, or print out your goals and put them in your learning space. No matter which way is best for you, it’s important to make your goals visible and clear so that you don’t forget what you need to do!

Don’t Miss Out on Learning

Online learning is hard, but it shouldn’t mean that your grades drop or that you miss out on important information. Whether you’re in middle school, high school, or you’re a college student who is currently studying off campus, it’s essential that you put the time and effort into your online schooling.

Plus, don’t miss out on your classes by letting spotty internet get in the way. Check out Nomad Internet today and ensure that you always have fast and reliable internet no matter where you are – even if you’re on the road traveling or in a rural location with few options for reliable internet! We’re here for you to help you be successful with online learning.

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