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How to Survive When There is No Light and No Internet

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Assembling an emergency kit for sudden Power and Internet outages

Ice Bag

Nomads, face the challenge of extended power outages due to severe ice storms with confidence; Nomad Air is here for you! Our Travel Kit comes fully equipped to ensure that your connection stays up and running. With a travel bag, high-capacity fast charger, solar panel included in every kit - enjoy uninterrupted internet access even when away from home! Don't let rough weather slow down your next outdoor adventure: embrace it by staying connected with our reliable Air Traveler's Kit.

7 days offline use

Introducing the Nomad Air outdoorsman kit with a 7 day battery back up! Now you can use your Nomad Air anywhere and without power and go completely off-grid!

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Enjoy stable internet

In severe weather

Without light and internet

On a hard road

What is included

Ice Bag


  1. Nomad Air travel bag
  2. One Week Backup Battery
  3. On/Off Switch with blue LED
  4. Space saver power adapter
  5. Fast AC wall charger
Ice Bag

Nomad plan

Ice Bag

NOMAD AIR MODEM & membership in the Nomad club

$199 - one time
Ice Bag
Ice Bag

Total price "NOMAD AIR TRAVEL BAG" - $458

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