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Nomad Internet Smart Hub + 10 Years of Free Internet

$2,999.95 $9,999.95

Free Wi-Fi For Guests
Free Smart Camera Surveillance
Free Guests WiFi Portal

Features & Benefits

Free WiFi for RV Park guests & offices

Nomad Smart Hub transforms your RV Park with free WiFi for guests and staff. Enjoy seamless connectivity with 10 times faster C-Band speeds, advanced security features, and hassle-free network management. Elevate the guest experience while ensuring efficient office connectivity.

Free Hub Camera Surveillance

Nomad Smart Hub offers license-free camera security with AI-centric management, high-quality video, and RV Park-specific cameras. Enjoy advanced features:

  • Motion Detection
  • Person Detection
  • Vehicle Detection
  • License Plate Recognition
  • Smoke/CO Alarm Detection
Free Guest WiFi Portal

Nomad Smart Hub's 'Owner’s Portal' offers insights and control. Monitor users, distinguish new vs. existing guests, and enhance experiences with vouchers. Our managed WiFi service ensures hassle-free network management and consistent guest experiences across properties with ONE login.

Free Exposure with Nomad Internet

Nomad Smart Hub, your Same-Day Pickup Location for Nomad Air, attracts new RVers at zero cost! Join our Smart Hub Tracker, showcasing your RV Park to thousands of travelers nationwide. Enjoy enhanced connectivity and visibility with Nomad Internet

Join the Nation's Premier Wireless Internet Provider & Offer Free Internet to Your Community

24/7 Cloud Based

Customized Guests WiFi

Custom Built Network
for RV Park

Free Remote Firmware

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