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Nomad Air Travel Bag for $499

The Nomad Air Travel Bag includes a "one week" back up battery, up to wifi internet, and a fast charging solar panel!

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Announcing the Nomad Air Travel Bag!

The Nomad Air Travel Bag kit allows you to access high-speed Wifi Internet anywhere you go without wires! The Nomad Air Travel Bag includes a "one week" back up battery, up to wifi internet, and a fast charging solar panel!

HOW IT WORKS: with the Nomad Air Travel Bag, you can bring high speed internet anywhere! All without power and completely off-grid! The Nomad Air Kit features a built in solor panel for charging your Nomad Air back up battery with sunlight.

Our Nomad Air Travel Bag solar charging also you to stay connected with high speed internet in the wilderness as long as you choose. It is great for everyone who loves the mountains and wilderness, researchers and more. Easily control your Nomad Air with a simple on and off switch that you can see from anywhere.

The Nomad Air works with the Nomad Internet Mobile App anywhere in the country!

how it works Nomad Air Travel Bag?

1. Nomad Air hotspot

2. Nomad Air travel bag

3. One Week Backup Battery

4. On/Off Switch with blue LED

5. Space saver power adapter

6. Fast AC wall charger

What is included?


The powerful Nomad Air is our indoor modem. advanced high-power directional antennas that extend the reach of cellular networks, while also supporting 5G sub-6GHz and 4G LTE fallback, for the perfect balance of network coverage and performance.

* Not included in price of Travel Bag. The Nomad Air must be purchased separately!

Travel Bag

Traveling with the right gear can make a huge difference when you're trying to stay connected on the go. The Nomad Air Travel Bag is perfect for adventurers and techies alike, with plenty of space for both a battery w/ solar panel and modem. Durable and lightweight, this bag also offers great value for money.

Battery W/ Solar

This portable charger is compatible with most devices, allowing users to easily access their devices wherever they go. The Solar Charger Power Bank has a 60000mAh capacity which is ideal for outdoor camping or home emergency situations. It features 32 LED lights as well as four output and two input ports

Power Switch

The Convenient USB Power Switch is the perfect solution for all your power needs. This cable allows you to switch between USB on/off quickly and easily – providing both data and power. With this USB switch cable, you can connect your modem Nomad The quality design also makes it suitable for long distance travelling with its Nomad Modem

Power Adaptor

Are you always on the go but need continuous access to the internet? Power up your Nomad Modem with the convenience and ease of a cablecc USB 2.0 A Type! This Power Adaptor is an essential for anyone needing to travel and stay connected, providing an easy solution for powering and connecting a variety of devices quickly and without hassle.

Power Plug

The USB C Charger with 25W Super Type C Fast Charging charges your devices up to 5X faster than traditional Power Adaptors. The 6FT USB C to USB C Charger Cable is the perfect companion for traveling; providing connection between power and This charger is also compatible with the Nomad Modem.

membership in the Nomad club

Join the Nomad Club Membership Community today and unlock access to exclusive benefits and offers! Members can enjoy discounts , as well as a range of other opportunities available through our robust online portal. Become a member now and join in on exciting conversations with like-minded people all around the World!

Nomad Air Travel Bag for $499