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What to do for the Holidays in a Small Town

What to do for the Holidays in a Small Town

Sometimes, when you live in a small town, it gets boring, and you have to resort to extremes to entertain yourself. But when it comes to the holidays, you are in for a treat.

Here are some fun activities to do in a small town during the winter holiday:

Build an Army of Snowmen

The first place to start has to be the most favorite winter activity. But the beauty of a small town is the potential of having a lawn of snow. You can make it a snowman party/competition with friends and family, building snowmen with different Christmas elements. 


Ice-Skating Party

It’s the time of the year to embrace the cold. Get a brunch of your friends for a winter revelry. Westle up some Hot Buttered Rum with Vanilla Ice Cream Balls with your amazing Christmas cookies and have an ice-skating party. 

Family portrait skating rink

Make a Unique Garland

It’s easy to build or buy premade Christmas garland in small-town might provide the opportunity to design town-centric items, maybe a cherry garland if you’re in George Washington’s hometown Westmoreland County, Virginia

Snowman Garland

Make some Fun Holiday Sweaters

No, it’s not just your grandma that makes these sweaters. It doubles as a fun Christmas gift idea. Embarrass your friends with unique sentences and patterns on some custom sweaters. If you can’t make one, you can always get a tailor to make them with your ideas. 

Winter female outfit set clothes

Why not a Non-Tree Christmas Tree

Suppose you’re not in a great green small town. A fun way to get a tree is by making one out of other items and stacking them in the shape of a Christmas tree. 

parent reading a christmas book to a child

Winter Scavenger Hunt

There’s generally the cliche that everyone knows everyone in a small town. While add that’s not necessarily true, most small towns are very close communities, and there makes it possible to have a town-wide scavenger hunt with loads of people. Have Fun!

Make Loads of Cookies

Play around with cookie decorating ideas and a variety of online recipes.

Process of baking traditional christmas and new year dessert

Neighborhood Cookie Swap

Following all the cookies you’ve baked and decorated, have some fun swapping and tasting cookies from everyone in the neighborhood. 

Secret Santa

An absolute fan favorite. With a very small community or a large family, Secret Santa is the perfect way to make sure everyone gets a well-thought-out gift without breaking the bank. 

Craft an Advent Calendar

You don’t have to buy everything. LOL! Crafting an Advent Calendar would be a fun activity for the holidays. 

handmade advent calendar

Decorate your kitchen

Don’t limit your Christmas decorations to the living room. You’re going to spend a lot of time there. All those little details add up! Here, pops of red, festive greenery, and tartan dishware adds to the holiday spirit in this Michigan farmhouse.

Start a holiday-Themed Collection

Haven't collected Santa figurines before? Now's the time to start. Of course, you don't have to stick to a family of Saint Nicks; there is so many fun, Christmas-inspired trinkets to collect out there, from vintage train sets to vintage gift wrapping scissors.

Have a Slumber Party under the tree

If you have loads of family and friends around, mark our a day in the month, grab your sleeping bags, and have a slumber party under the tree. 

The mother and father playing with their son

Craft your Unique Christmas cards

A bit of craft during your free time is great. Design a unique Christmas card for your loved ones in a way that would hit home for each person. It doubles up as a cost-effective gift. 

Play Christmas tree eye spy

There are trees everywhere. While walking or driving around, a fun activity to play with the kids is always “eye spy” the holidays provide a unique version of the game. 

Keep a running tally of white lights versus colored lights and see what number you have at the end. It might even give you some ideas for how to hang your Christmas tree lights.

Play Christmas tree eye spy

Mail a Letter to Santa

Every year millions of kids send in letters to Santa. Because of that, there’s a UPPS Letter to Santa program. Why making not write a letter to Santa yourself and make a wish. 

Little girl writing letter to santa at christmas

Hang mistletoe in Everywhere

Besides the fact that it looks beautiful. It provides an excuse to cover our loved ones with kisses and has the added advantage of embarrassing the kids. 


Video chat with out-of-town friends and/or Family

If you’re far from most of your loved ones, why not have a group chat with everyone and fill your home with voices and songs.

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