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Spending Christmas on the Road? Here are some ideas to make your RV or Mobile Home Festive

Spending Christmas on the Road? Here are some ideas to make your RV or Mobile Home Festive

The RV lifestyle, in many ways, has a way of simplifying your life. For example, your home is smaller, you spend less time cleaning,  you need fewer things, and you pack only what you need.  But this doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy all the things you love. 

Speaking on the things you love, is it beginning to look like Christmas in your RV yet? 

The holidays are here, and Christmas is a few weeks away. Everyone loves this season, and many people have begun decorating their homes for the occasion. 

You might be thinking, “My RV is too small to hold Christmas decorations. And once the season is over with the little space, how do I store them all year long?” Well, you don’t have to let this stop you from decorating and enjoying the holiday. It is so much fun to decorate an RV. With a few inexpensive touches, you can transform your small space into a snow land this year. And if you like, you can donate the decorations once the season is over. 

Are you spending your holiday in a camper?  Here are a few ways to make it pop! 

Lights; What’s Christmas without lights? For me, the lights make all the difference. However, before you begin going crazy with the lights, ensure that the light display you have in mind will not be exceeding your available wattage. Conserve power by using LED lights and use battery-operated lights. Also, get an extra extension cord and protect all electrical connections with cord protectors. Once you have all these in place, you can start decorating with lights.

Line your doors and windows with beautiful Christmas lights. This would create a festive feel in your RV. You can also mark out paths around RV with ropes of light and glowing candy canes. Wrap your Christmas trees and the top of your RV with lights. 

Women taking selfies in a van

A Christmas tree; No matter how small, get yourself a Christmas tree. There are tabletop Christmas trees that would perfectly fit your dining area without taking up so much space. However, the downside of using tabletop Christmas trees is that you can’t put presents under them. But, you can decorate it with a few ornaments, and it would still look pretty.

Hands holding small christmas tree

Garland and wreath; When you’ve got a limited amount of floor space, garland can’t come in handy. Garland can be draped around frames, doorways, and kitchen counters. Garlands can be decorated with ribbons, ornaments, lights, and Poinsettias. Use badge holder clips to hang wreath, garland, and mistletoe. 

Board signs; Show off the holiday cheer with a nicely written board sign. You can either do a simple “Merry Christmas” Or “Happy Holidays.” It depends on what rocks your boat. 

Pillows and blankets; Throw pillows add a little bit of coziness to the home. You can purchase cheap throw pillows or pillows covers at thrift stores. However, for storage reasons, I’d recommend you get pillow covers. Get some Christmas-themed throw pillow covers and change them out once the holidays are over. It’s often cold during the season, and having an extra blanket can serve as decor and as covering from the cold. Get some colorful, nicely knitted blankets for your couch. Adding a holiday bedspread and some Christmas throw pillows will bring some holiday cheer to your RV. 

Christmas camping. trailer decor for christmas.

Christmas mugs; What’s a Christmas without hot chocolate? Sip on hot chocolate out of a Christmas mug while watching your favorite Christmas movies. As small as they look, Christmas mugs are both decorative and functional. When not in use, put them in a small metal tray and display them on the counter or dining table. This quickly turns them into a nice decoration.

Holiday kitchen towels; Since you have limited space in an RV, it’s always a better idea to decorate with things that serve a purpose instead of crowding the space with things that are not useful. Switch out your everyday kitchen towels with Christmas-themed kitchen towels.

Your favorite Christmas item; Everyone has certain items they never fail to include when decorating for the holiday. This item could be a Christmas ornament gifted by a friend or an item that reminds you of your childhood. Including such items would make you feel more relaxed as though, you were in your family home.

Car trunk full of gift boxes

Add some details; Use spray snow, spray ice, and holiday-themed clings to decorate the windows. Wall decorations are extremely important. Use Suction cups or magnetic hooks to hang stockings in your RV. Include figurines like reindeer and snowmen for a pop of color and extra light. Holiday inflatables can be used on your RV roof. 

Decorating your RV for Christmas is fun. What’s best is that you have endless options of Christmas decor to choose from. From your traditional lights to fun shapes, colors, and DIY Christmas decors. It’s amazing how little touches can bring holiday cheer to your RV.

Campervan motorhome in winter camping decorated

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