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What Wi-Fi is Available Near Me?

What Wi-Fi is Available Near Me?

If you’re about to move into a new home or you just would like better wireless internet in your current one, you’ve probably been looking into all your options for “Wi-Fi near me”. Wi-Fi is far too important to keep using slow, unreliable internet when other options are usually available. The problem is that with some internet service providers, the search can be complicated.

With Nomad Internet, we make the process of finding Wi-Fi near you easy! You can quickly find what plans are available for your area and contrast the different features of each. Read this quick guide so you can feel more confident looking into your Wi-Fi options.

How to Find the Best Nomad Internet Plan for You

You can view all Nomad Internet plans here. There’s no need to immediately check out the most expensive choice. We recommend that you begin by investigating if the cheapest option has coverage in your area. Click the “Plan Coverage” button on that plan to start. You can enter your zip code or your address to be extra precise. Just by looking at the map, you can see that coverage is pretty extensive!

If the first plan has coverage in your area, you’re good to go, and this plan will work for you. If, however, you’re in one of the spots where this coverage isn’t available, try moving up to the next plan and searching for your location again. You can keep repeating this until you find a Wi-Fi plan with coverage in your area.

Once you find the Nomad Internet plan that’s right for you, you can proceed to the checkout page and become a member. Your device won’t be included with your plan, so you’ll need to make that selection separately. Click on the “Compare Devices” button under your plan of choice. You’ll see all your options that vary based on their battery life, the number of devices they can support, and whether or not they include ethernet ports. Everyone will have a different set of requirements to find the one that fits what you’re looking for.

The good news is that even after you’ve chosen your device if it doesn’t fit your needs, you can change it! You have seven days to try out any of our devices. If you are anything less than 100% satisfied within those seven days, all you have to do is return it to us. You’ll get a full refund.


Get Great Internet Anywhere with Nomad

While rural locations often have no other options aside from slow, unreliable connections, Nomad Internet breaks the norm! We believe that no matter where you live, you should access fast internet that can live up to your Wi-Fi demands. If you’re still unsure about your plan options, you can look up your address or get in touch with us and ask about Wi-Fi near you! Once you make the switch, you’ll never go back to the days of a slow, spotty connection. 

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