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Ways To Improve Your Internet Connection

Ways To Improve Your Internet Connection

You are living in a rural area with a picturesque, slower pace of life, and peaceful surroundings have so much to offer in terms of lifestyle. There are various benefits of living this, but one negative might be a poor internet connection. If you are struggling to get good internet speed in the rural area, it could be incredibly frustrating for you. The question is that, how can you improve internet connection in a rural area?

Following are the tips that can help you to improve your internet connection:

  • Upgrade to 4G home broadband

Upgrading to a 4G router is very much affordable than you think, and unlike the other internet connections, 4G home internet uses a wireless 4G connection. Rather than using the fixed lines, this 4G connection is similar to how you receive 4G on your phone. This can help the residents of the rural areas with poor fixed-line connections to have high-speed internet.

  • Change your antenna

In rural areas, mostly the people struggle with their Wi-Fi connection. Added a fitted antenna to the router can help to create a much more stable connection. These fitted antennas are generally more substantial than the standard antennas and can help you to create a better range and coverage. Some professionals can help you to source and install a new antenna.

  • Test your speed

You either have a problem with your internet, or you have a device problem, it can be quite severe to tell if your internet is prolonged or it is your device that is causing problems. A simple speed test can answer that question.

You can do a quick speed test on all your cable internet devices. If you happen to notice that it is slow on every device, then you certainly have an issue with your internet. If the speed is at a reasonable level, then you may want to think about clearing cache or even purchasing a new computer or a smartphone.

  • Don’t hard reset your router frequently

While you are waiting to upgrade your current router, it can be quite tempting to reset your router that frequently. Simply restarting your router can help you to improve your internet connection, but you should be avoiding a hard reset, which is done by a pushpin.

A hard reset returns your router to the default mode and then causes it to forget all the existing connections and log-in information. This could make getting online even longer and can be quite a time-consuming process.

  • Avoid interference with other devices

If your router is set up next to your cordless house phone, or it is near a Wi-Fi cable gaming device, then this can be a reason why it is crucial to keep your router in a clear and unobstructed place. Keep in mind that other appliances and devices have strange effects on your wireless signal. These appliances or devices might be interfering or blocking your wireless transmission.


Rural internet speeds and coverage may not be ideal, but there is a lot that one can do to improve the internet connection. Despite this, many people are making do with what they have by using a variety of techniques to enhance their internet connections.
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