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Ten Best Blogs for Digital Nomads

Ten Best Blogs for Digital Nomads.

As the digital nomad lifestyle continues to gain popularity and become the new normal globally, more people are steadily buying into the idea of uncoupling where they live from where they work. And to help prospective nomads achieve their dream lifestyle, many nomads now share their personal experiences—The wins, losses, and life lessons associated with the nomadic lifestyle on their blogs, podcasts, and vlogs.

To help you better understand the nomadic lifestyle and learn one or two things from the real-life experiences of digital nomads around the world, we have compiled a list of the ten best digital nomad blogs for you. 

  • Country Nomad: It’s no surprise that our very own blog features number one on this list. Country Nomad Blog by Nomad Internet features educational and informative articles concerning remote working, the nomadic lifestyle, and life in rural America. On our blog, you find tips for traveling, rural internet solutions, travel hacks, and digital nomad must-haves. 

  • Nomadic Matt: Owned by Matt Kepnes, a digital nomad who quit his office job in the summer of 2006 to pursue a life of freedom and adventure. Nomadic Matt is a blog that documents his travels in and around over 100 countries. Since starting the blog, Matt’s been dedicated to helping others save money on travels and have a more authentic experience wherever they go. His blog features topics on finding the cheapest airfare and accommodation, steps for planning trips, travel scams to avoid, and ways to work overseas. Matt’s New York best-selling book, “Travel the World on $50 a day,” will teach you how to master the art of travel, save money on travel, and have a more local, richer travel experience, no matter where you visit. If you're looking for an A-to-Z guide to show you how to plan your trip like a pro, this book is it!

  • Too Many Adapters: Too Many Adapters offers readers in-depth information on technology and gadgets for travelers. The writers reveal their personal experiences on trips, the gears they use, and the challenges. Thus, giving readers an honest review of the thousands of travel apps, gadgets, and websites, making it easier for digital nomad newbies to find the best travel apps and websites.

  • Alajode: Alajode is owned by a British traveler and photographer. This travel blog is for conscious travelers who do not just want exciting adventures but also want to protect the planet too. It focuses on positively impacting travelers' places, people, and cultures. In this blog, you’ll find lots of ethical wildlife encounters, unique ecotourism destinations to explore, and transformative travel experiences. Jodie’s writing focuses on traveling responsibly, eco-resorts and hotels, vegan travel tips, minimalist travel gear, and clothing.

  • The Blonde Abroad: Owned by Kiki, The Blonde Abroad is a journal where she shares her personal travel experiences and travel tips with other women worldwide. This unique blog was founded Six years ago when Kiki left her career in corporate wealth management for soul searching. The blog features sustainable lifestyle tips, destinations for solo female travelers, and packing guides. The Blonde Abroad is the go-to website for solo and female travel worldwide.

  • By Digital Nomads: By Digital Nomads is an online blog and community where digital nomad newbies can better understand the nomadic lifestyle. The blog features educational content that can help you start your digital nomad journey, exciting destinations for digital nomads, and the realities of combining travel and work. The contents from experienced digital nomads are of special interest because they help nomad newbies better prepare themselves for the uncertainties of the nomadic lifestyle. Topics in this blog include; digital nomadism, remote work, location-independent living, and tips for starting a freelance business.

  • Very Hungry Nomads: Behind Very Hungry Nomads are the female duo Rach and Marty. The pair have been traveling the world for over 15 years in search of the ultimate food experience. As female travelers exploring and documenting their experiences, they inspire and show other women that chasing their dreams and doing extraordinary things are possible. Besides documentation of their travel experiences, the blog features educational and informative topics like; jobs you can work abroad, how to transfer money internationally and the ultimate packing list.

  • Minority Nomad: Erick Prince, founder of Minority Nomad, wants to be the first Black person to visit every country in the world. Before becoming a nomad, Erick served in the U.S. military for more than ten years. After leaving the military and returning to college, he started a non-profit foundation for low-income youth, focusing on better travel access. Erick can maintain his dream lifestyle through his earnings as a digital marketer. His blog features stories on dating abroad, travel health insurance, and personal travel experiences.

  • Packs Of Light: Packs Of Lights is a travel and lifestyle blog owned by Gabby, a Gen Z travel expert and entrepreneur. She took her first solo trip to Iceland at 17-years-old, and since then, she’s never looked back. Having now visited 29 countries, She hopes to inspire women to see the world.  The blog provides Gen Z info & tips on solo female travel, Black travel, funded travel opportunities and application tips, and adventure.

  • Girl Gone Abroad: Having visited 51 countries in 7 years, Lauren Carey has deep insight into international travel. She hopes to inspire others to see the world in a new light through travel stories, itineraries, and photos. The blog features topics such as; Instagram-worthy spots in different cities, Airbnb recommendations, and travel essentials. 

Digital nomad blogs contain educational, inspiring, and informative stories from real-life nomads. Whether fashion hacks, traveler’s hacks, how-to’s, best hotel recommendations, or flight deals, these blogs have shown to be very resourceful, especially for digital nomad newbies. Visit these blogs and learn from real-life experiences how you can balance the freedom of the nomadic lifestyle with working from anywhere.

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