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The Pros and Cons of RV Living

The Pros and Cons of RV Living

For travel lovers and money-savers alike, RV living is a popular choice. While transitioning to an RV lifestyle may seem impossible, RV living has many benefits. From the cheap price to the amazing sightseeing, RV living has many pros. However, with these pros are cons that do need to be considered. The small size and the difficulty with electricity and water may be turn-offs to some people. Read through the pros and cons of RV living to help you understand if the RV life is for you!


Beautiful Nature

RV living allows for a lot of travel, and often this travel results in overnight stays in RV parks. Most RV parks are at campsites in state parks or other nature-rich areas. This allows for a great connection with the outdoors, and a lot of time spent in nature that you otherwise wouldn’t get if living in a city or suburb. It’s a brand-new experience every day!

It’s Cheap

RV Living is a much cheaper option than choosing to live in a house or apartment. The initial purchase of the RV can seem like a lot, but without having to pay fees that pile up when paying for a house, RV living is substantially cheaper. In fact, the average monthly cost for a house is just over $825, while the average monthly price for an RV is around $595. The money you save while living in an RV adds up, fast. Plus, you save on a lot of little things, like repairs.

You Can Still Work

Making money on the road is also easy and much more fun in comparison to jobs that require onsite work. Blogging, freelance writing, being a virtual assistant, and more are all careers that are available to those who live the RV life. People are interested in reading about lives that are different from theirs, and the unique lifestyle of living in an RV allows for an interesting perspective to write about.

Getting Internet can be tricky. Thankfully, companies such as Nomad Internet offer fast, stable connections so that you can get your work done, stay connected with friends and family, and more!

It’s a Bonding Experience

This is one of the pros AND cons of RV living. Living in an RV means living in close proximity with each other, 24/7. While this might not always seem like a great thing, it’s a great bonding experience for those whom you live with. Living together in such a small space brings you closer together. There are less distractions from each other, and you have the opportunity to get to know one another on a deeper, closer level.

Each Day is Different

RV living means constant change. Whether that’s location or the day-to-day surprises, each day is never the same. If you choose to often move your RV, you have the opportunity to experience a wide variety of places and experiences while on the road. Each location brings new sights that you may have never seen before, and new things to try and experience. Visiting waterfalls, seeing deserts, experiencing vast forests--all of this is possible with the RV lifestyle. Every day will bring something new.

RV Living is Worth it! | Nomad Internet


Dealing with Water and Sewage

The idea of dealing with water and sewage can seem like a big turn-off, and it can be quite the hassle. With RV living, the water tanks are stored beneath the RV and need to be refilled quite often. Plus, getting hot water can be a major struggle. The water that is stored is cold, and requires being heated up with the electricity system of the RV in order to be warm at all. Having to get refills and not having constant, easy access to hot water makes for a bit of an annoyance.
Additionally, the sewage of the RV needs to be emptied once it gets full. Every few days, you’re going to need to empty out the sewage tank. It’s not always easy finding somewhere to empty this, especially if you’re in a rural area. It can be a hassle trying to plan your trip around places that allow for emptying sewage tanks.

RVs Are Small (Very Small)

Even if you buy a large RV, it’s still going to be a lot smaller than any home you’re used to. The shower, toilet, and kitchen are all going to be right by each other, which is something that will take some getting used to. Your appliances, bed, and storage will all be smaller than the average house’s, and will require quite a bit of adjustment. You’ll even have to downsize on the belongings you own, and really figure out the difference between a need and a want. RV living truly forces minimalism on all those who commit to it!

Taking Care of Electricity

Your RV will have a generator, but this requires charging in order to have power. You need to plan your RV trips to incorporate power hookups in order to keep power running in your RV, or fill the generator with fuel, depending on the type of generator it is. This can require a lot of work.

It Moves, a Lot

RV living requires a lot of driving, and this means that your RV itself will move a lot, and, therefore, everything inside of it will move a lot. RV living includes a lot of shaking and moving around, and if you don’t secure all of your breakables and belongings inside the RV, things may fall and shift around.

RV Living Is Worth It!

RV living isn’t for everyone, and this pros and cons list can help you understand if the lifestyle is for you. However, trying out RV living, even if just briefly, could be the change you need in your life, or a great way to experience the world as you never have before. With Nomad Internet’s access to WiFi wherever you are, RV living can truly be an accessible choice!

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