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Is your Cellular Hotspot Spotty? Try an Unlimited Unthrottled Hotspot

Is there such a thing as an unlimited and unthrottled hotspot? With the way cellular providers seem to cap everyone, it looks like an impossible dream. 

One of the things we demand today is a stable Internet connection. Whether at home or on the road, we rely on continual connection, whether for work or leisure. And in the rapidly-paced environment of the Internet, how quickly a site load makes a big impact on business. Did you know that most people will wait less than five seconds for a page to load before moving on? With that in mind, Internet providers must offer a strong signal and fast service if they aim to keep their customers happy.

The problem comes in when there's a shoddy Internet service. Maybe you're traveling through the area, are staying at an RV campground, or renting a vacation home. It could be a hotel which has a poor connection and as a business traveler that won't do. Your boss doesn't want to hear that you couldn't connect when a report doesn't get through on time.

Relying on your cellular hot spot works in some situations, but with today's cap limits and throttling, that means you're either charged more, or your Internet speed comes to a crawl. So, what can you do?

Is there such a thing as an unlimited unthrottled hotspot, or is it just an old wives' tale? Yes, there is! Really? Yes. Nomad Internet has you covered, especially when you're in rural areas where it seems next to impossible to get an excellent Internet connection. It's the leading Internet connection for travelers and rural customers. We're not talking about a handful of customers either; we're talking 100,000 customers strong.

Sure, but how is it rated?

Facebook users give it a solid 4/5 stars, and Google users give it a solid 4/5 stars rating as well. It's reliable, dependable, and gets the job done. When you need reliable Internet in hard to reach places, Nomad Internet has you covered.

Okay, but how does it work?

When it comes to hotspots, it connects to local cell towers, regardless of where you roam. Here's the cool part, it's a unique community, as it's not a public network that everyone can use. This connectivity works when you need it to, but using available towers, so you have the signal you need when you need it.

That means you get the report to your boss on time, you can have the tele-doc appointment you made on the go, and you can handle your online shopping, browsing, and bill paying needs.

The best thing to do if you have questions is to check the FAQ to see if we've already answered it. We cover topics like choosing devices, Internet speed, and more. And while it seems unbelievable that unlimited means unlimited because you've "heard it before" from big providers, we mean it.  No caps, no data overage charges.

Did you know that in March 2020, there was reported news of throttled Internet still, on something as necessary as gaming? As a result, gaming downloads will be throttled for the foreseeable future, at least in some markets.

"Players may experience somewhat slower or delayed game downloads,"

wrote Sony…

We don't throttle. At Nomad Internet, it's an unlimited unthrottled hotspot—all the time. Not some of the time. Not only when it's convenient. All the time.

If your cellular hot spot is spotty, and you're frustrated, relying on it, give us a shout. We'd love to hook you up with a hotspot you can count on, without having to calculate how much data you're using. Uncapped, unthrottled WiFi means the end of frustration, the lot of hassles, and finally, the ability to do what you enjoy without having to worry about silly overage charges.

When you're ready to let go of the ties that bind you to slow, sluggish, throttled speeds and want to experience a truly unlimited data (no throttling) hotspot join us at Nomad Internet and see how the other half lives.

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