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How to get FREE Internet for Life

How to get FREE Internet for Life

Nomad Internet now offers free Internet for life!

Yes, it’s true……introducing the Nomad 5-for-Life Program! For every customer you refer, you will receive up to $50 cash bonus via PayPal!


Once you have 5 active referrals, you will get free Internet for life!

Here is how to get started:

  1. You have an active, current Nomad Internet account.
  2. We will provide you with a unique discount code to use with Nomad! Join the Nomad Partner Program for free at:
  3. Using the new Nomad Partner Portal, refer friends and family to Nomad Internet. Your referrals will get up to $25 off their order!
  4. You will get up to $50 cash bonus automatically through PayPal with each person you refer.
  5. Once you have five customers referred by you on your account, you will get free Nomad Internet for life!

Note: you must maintain at least 5 referral customers in order to keep free Internet.

Thank you for your business and we greatly appreciate you sending referrals to us!

Join the Nomad Partner Program for free at:

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