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How Often Should I Upgrade My Computer Operating System When Connected to Rural Internet?

Computers require regular updates, especially if you have a rural home Internet solution. At a time when hackers roam the Internet and pause significant threats, keeping your software updated is a key requirement. In so doing, you get to wade off hackers.

As technology progresses, so do hackers get better at their malicious deeds. Running an outdated operating system exposes you to the risk of a hack. Even as you appreciate the need for software updates/upgrades, you also need to properly manage their frequency. For those working from home, the last thing you want to do is to spend hours of your week waiting for an upgrade to finalize before you can work.

How often should I update?

Whenever your computer is hit by malware, it is usually because you are running outdated software – whether the operating system or your antivirus. For instance, a recent malware called WannaCry infected computers across the country, 98% of which were on Windows 7. After running a report, it was found that the security issue that WannaCry exploited had already been fixed by Microsoft, but some users had not updated their computers.

A monthly update is enough to keep you on the safe side. However, you need to be aware that not all software updates are stable. Sometimes, you may end up incurring more bug issues compared to before the software rollout.

Spreading out updates over a one-month period gives you time to gauge the stability of the latest update. Note that you may not necessarily get an update every month. However, when available, do not fail to schedule it accordingly.

With unlimited rural Internet service, you do not have to worry about updates consuming a sizeable chunk of your data. It is true that major updates require more data usage. However, those on unlimited Internet plans can confidently download the updates since you will not run out of data.

Productivity software

When working from home, you will rely on productivity software more than anything else to complete your pending tasks. Programs like Microsoft Office, Adobe Acrobat Reader, Photoshop, etc., can serve you longer without the need to upgrade it. Whenever such programs have an update, they often add new features but will rarely impact their functionality.

You need to be aware of licensing requirements before upgrading your productivity software. More often, developers do not allow you to make a jump from one version to the latest one without requiring to buy a new license. Others may use the same license as your last version. Clarify on this to avoid unexpected expenses.

Some productivity software often relies on the existing operating system. That is, if you are on the latest OS, you may be unable to run outdated programs on the computer. Make sure that you understand all the compatibility requirements as you perform major OS upgrades.

Bottom line

With access to unlimited Internet for rural areas, make a point of regularly updating your operating system. Schedule these updates to align with your work plan to avoid interrupting planned tasks.

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