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Feel the Holiday Spirit – on the Road!

Feel the Holiday Spirit – on the Road!

All roads lead home for the Holidays. BUT what if your home is on wheels? 

Being a full-time nomad is full of adventure and excitement. If you’re on the road during the holidays, it could leave you feeling a little grinchy. To keep your spirits bright and leave the holiday blues out of sight, here are 4 ways to celebrate the holidays on the road.

Host a Holiday Movie Night

The great debate concerning whether the action classic Die Hard is a Christmas movie or not is a decade long, and the argument itself can be seen to many as a holiday tradition. Whether you are team Die Hard or not, it’s hard to argue that Holiday Movie Classics are sure to get you in the yuletide spirit. 

Deck the halls and host an outdoor movie night at your campground. Invite your neighbors, set-up an outdoor TV or Projector screen, hang some lights and decorations, and get comfy cozy. It’s a great way to create holiday moments on the road and connect.

Looking movie in open air cinema

Nomad White Elephant Gift Exchange

When living a nomadic lifestyle, a lot of us focus less on what the presents will be underneath the Christmas tree. We all generally have things we are getting rid of that no longer serve a purpose in this minimalist lifestyle. Why not make it fun and exchange those items with other nomads. 

How to play Nomad White Elephant: 

Everybody needs to bring a random item as a wrapped gift and add it to the gift pile.

Make sure that the items are wrapped as gifts with no names on them. 

Everybody will be given a number to determine who goes first and who follows next for the gift selections.

  1. Person Number 1 chooses a random gift from the pile and unwraps it. 
  2. Person Number 2 has the option to steal the unwrapped gift or open a new one. Anyone who is about to pick a gift can steal one from someone who has already opened one. This means the person whose gift you took will need to choose a new one – either wrapped or a gift that’s already been opened. 
  3. You need to surrender your gift if it’s being stolen, leaving you open to pick another one from the pile!
  4. A gift can only be stolen twice before it’s locked in (no more stealing)

The game ends once everyone has a gift.

Share some eggnog, make it a potluck (with Christmas cookies) and get the party started.

Friends on couch gifting each other

Host a Virtual Holiday Party with family and friends 

The Holiday season is that time of year to celebrate with family and friends. If you are out on the road and unable to be in person, why not celebrate virtually? 

Plan a Virtual Holiday Party with friends and family. Gather around the glow of your devices and connect with your loved ones. Make sure you have reliable internet from nomad, so that you don’t have to be the one explaining to your family and friends you are indeed live, and not a cat.  May your heart be full, and your streaming quality too.

Volunteer in local community your visiting

The holiday season is a perfect time to reflect and seek ways to make life better. Give back to the local community where you will be spending time over the Holidays. Contact your local Soup Kitchen, Animal Shelter, etc. It is a great way to engage and give back, but also a time to spread that cheer to those in need. Finish the holidays with a clear conscious this year, give the gift of volunteering.

The Holidays can be the best time of the year to be a nomad. Create some new holiday traditions of your own to keep you Wrapped up with cheer on the road during the most wonderful time of the year. 

People with food donations

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