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Boosting Your Wi-Fi Signal

Boosting Your Wi-Fi Signal

If you don’t get the required internet speeds, then your wireless internet router signal could be the reason. Although various factors affect internet speeds, your Wi-Fi signal can make or break your home internet experience.

If it takes time to stream any video, then it might be due to slow internet, and it might be the time to make your Wi-Fi signal stronger at home. The following are the tips that you can use to boost your Wi-Fi signals and speed up your internet.

  • Update your security to cut off bandwidth leeches

Extra users usually slow your internet connection by taking up internet bandwidth. If you fail to add protection to your Wi-Fi network, this means that you are opening up your system to the freeloaders. That is why it is recommended to protect access to the routers with a complex password. Keeping your Wi-Fi network safe from any intruders is very important as they might use the internet for any harmful purpose. Each connected device uses bandwidth, as the more external devices use your network, the less likely your internet speed is fast.

  • Optimize the router settings

Some routers have entertainment settings that prioritize bandwidth when you are playing video games or stream content. This strategy is less effective in case when multiple users share a Wi-Fi connection. Therefore, it is better to try turning off entertainment settings.

You can Rest the Request to Send (RTS) thresholds on your router. The RTS threshold protocol clears the data transmission channel before any data packets are sent on it. In a crowded Wi-Fi network, setting the RTS threshold to a lower number can improve Wi-Fi performance.

  • Purchase a new router

The biggest issue that is holding back your Wi-Fi connection might be your aging router. Thankfully, there are various advantages to purchasing a brand new router so that you would be investing in more than faster internet speeds.

Purchasing a new router could give you improved home security features that can be compatible with a broader spectrum of devices. Additional security and compatibility can help you in making your network more secure.

  • Reset your router

It may sound quite simple, but sometimes resetting your router can no doubt speed up your internet. You may have noticed that sometimes restarting your computer can suddenly fix any unknown computer issues; the same way rebooting your wireless router can alleviate the internet connection problems and boost your speeds.

To reboot your router, you can either press the restart button that is located on the back, while you may need a pointy object like a pen to get to it as most of the router manufacturers used recessed restart buttons. The other way is to disconnect the router from power and turn it on again.


It would help if you remembered that your Wi-Fi router is quite crucial in determining the internet speeds that you get in your home. Different tips can certainly help you boost your Wi-Fi signal so that you can enjoy faster internet at home.

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