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The 10 Best RV YouTube Channels You Need to Subscribe to Now!

The 10 Best RV YouTube Channels You Need to Subscribe to Now!
These days, there are YouTube channels dedicated to just about every niche. RV living is no exception! You can find many channels online chronicling RVers’ day-to-day lives filled with tips, anecdotes, and on-the-road inspiration. Here are a few of the best full-time RV YouTube channels you should definitely subscribe to.

Getaway Couple

RVers Rae and Jason share their most valuable lessons from the road on this RV YouTube channel. Their friendly fireside chats are some of their most enjoyable videos. And their dog Carmen is as cute as can be!

RV 101

This channel serves as the ultimate resource for all your RV-related questions. You can find RV tips and tricks for maintenance, repairs, DIYs, and so much more. The videos are short and easy to follow.

Mortons on the Move

This channel follows the lives of a young couple who have embraced a slower lifestyle and off-grid living. If you’re wanting to do the same thing (or if you already have and you want inspiration from other RV owners living like you) then this channel is a fantastic choice for subscription.


You’ll be hard-pressed to find a YouTube RV couple that’s been RVing longer than Chris and Cherie—they’ve been at it since 2006! If you think living on the road means sacrificing tech, think again. Chris and Cherie have their RVs fully equipped with the latest tech and can show you how to do the same.


Marc and Julie Bennet, the RV owners behind this channel, are so passionate about RVing they even wrote the book on it! They’ve been full-time RVers since 2014 and provide super entertaining content for their fellow RVers.

Drivin’ and Vibin’

These full-time RV YouTubers, Kyle and Olivia, make the minimalistic RV life look easy and stylish! Some of their popular video series include their explorations through national parks, top 10 lists, and their airstream renovation.

Fate Unbound

If you’re an RVer with furry friends, you should definitely check out this channel! This adorable couple, David and Rose, takes their dog, cats, and rabbits on the road. It makes their content extra-informative and entertaining to pet lovers.

Nomadic Fanatic

Maybe all this couple content sounds a little boring to you if you’re a single person living the RV lifestyle solo. If so, Nomadic Fanatic is the perfect channel for you! RVer Eric travels across the country with his RV, his cat Jax, and a thirst for adventure.

Long Long Honeymoon

Sean and Kristy prove on this channel that you don’t have to be newlyweds to be in the honeymoon phase. Not only do they provide practical RV camping tips, but they also provide valuable advice for other couples.

Enjoy the Journey.Life

On this channel, Tom and Cheri share all the knowledge they’ve accumulated in their six-plus years on the road. They have great how-tos on RV maintenance and repairs as well as some stunning video footage of America’s most beautiful places!

Creativity RV

Robin from is a modern American nomad. Don't forget to subscribe to her channel if you want to take control of your life and happiness by living a more creative, fulfilling life on the road. She's dedicated to helping people get there!

Your Turn!

If you think you have the RV life down to a science, you could also start your own RV YouTube channel. With the right equipment, a fun personality, and, of course, a reliable internet connection, you can vlog your own RV adventures for the whole world to see. It can be an exciting hobby or even a great side hustle while you’re on the road!

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