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The Best Online Games for Families: Play Together When You’re Apart

The Best Online Games for Families: Play Together When You’re Apart

One of the small bright sides of quarantine is all the fun online activities that have hit the market. While the pandemic may be winding down, there are many times when you may be apart from your family but still looking to engage with them. Here are some of the best online games for families that will keep everyone entertained virtually.

Heads Up!

If you watch The Ellen DeGeneres Show, you’re probably familiar with this hilarious game where everyone tries to get one player to guess the person or thing that’s on their mobile device. With categories like Marvel, the 90s, pop culture, Friends, and animals, there’s something for everyone and all ages. It will keep your family easily entertained for hours on end.

The Voting Game

This is a more casual game that doesn’t necessarily have winners or losers, but it’s sure to get some laughs. One person chooses a “Most likely to” prompt and then everyone in the family votes on who matches the description the best. It’s a great way to spark interesting discussions and share fun stories from the past.


This is an entertaining game that tells the story of Avo, a fun-loving avocado who solves crime, goes on adventures across the world, and even travels across time. The unique game with stunning visuals consists of eight episodes.

Words with Friends 2

There is good reason why Words with Friends is the world’s most popular social media game. If you love word games you can play online, you really can’t do any better than this challenge of wits. As a bonus, you’ll grow your vocabulary in the process!

This game is basically online Pictionary. When it’s their turn, a player will draw based on a word from a random generator or a custom list you’ve created for the family. Whether or not you have any drawing skills, you’re sure to laugh out loud in the process.

Among Us

You’ve probably heard about this game at least a couple of times. But there’s a reason that it’s become such a fad in the last year—it’s highly addictive! The object is to identify the “imposter” moving around the game before he or she kills all the other players.


This online game for families comes with hilarious prompts for players to fill in the blank within a time limit. Then everyone can vote on the answer they think is the funniest or most clever. It’s a battle of quick wit!


This game is fun for adults, but it’s also a great way to put kids’ spelling skills to the test. You can play this game on Zoom by utilizing the whiteboard feature and sharing your screen. Each round, one participant has a word or phrase that only they know. They’ll put dashes on the whiteboard to represent the number of letters in the word or phrase. With every wrong guess, an element of a stick figure is drawn. The goal is to guess the word before the person is drawn to be hung.

Word Scatter

If you’re familiar with Boggle, you’ll love Word Scatter! It’s a fast-paced word game where every player tries to come up with as many words as possible based on 25 letters. Try to be as creative as you can. If your competition has words that you do, they won’t count.

Exploding Kittens

What started as an exciting card game is now available in mobile form. It’s so popular that it’s actually the number one game in the app store worldwide! It’s fast-paced so you only have to dedicate five to ten minutes to each match.

Read My Lips

No extra apps are needed for this game. During each round, whoever’s turn it is will mute themselves (or just not speak) while mouthing the words to a particular phrase. Set a timer for sixty seconds and see who can guess the phrase before time runs out.


If you’re looking for an online game for the family that’s filled with characters and action, you may want to try Fortnite. Because this game is compatible with a variety of devices, you shouldn’t have any issues getting the whole family involved. You can go hunting, craft weapons, and more all in a virtual world.

Ticket to Ride

This is another example of a virtual version of a classic board game. It caters to a more mature crowd because it involves strategy. Although it’s based on the iconic board game, there are some special rules to make this version extra exciting.


If you have a musical family that’s always up-to-date on the Billboard Hot 100, you’ll love SongPop2. It’s the ultimate music trivia game! It’s also a great way to educate younger generations on the most popular songs through the decades.

Trivia Royale

If you want a broader trivia game that covers a variety of categories, try Trivia Royale. It’s the world’s biggest trivia game with over 100,000 fun questions on a wide range of topics. Not only will you pass the time in a fun way, but you’ll also learn a thing or two about the topic at hand.


This Jackbox game is all about tall tales. You’ll find out unexpected pieces of trivia while trying to get your family members to believe your incorrect answer is the truth. This is the one time you may want your loved ones to be good liars.


Clue is a classic board game, a fantastic movie, and a fun online mystery game. The premise of the virtual version is exactly like the board game: solve the murder using deductive reasoning before your competitors. The fun visuals make the virtual version even more mesmerizing!

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