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Are You Constantly Struggling with Throttled Internet? Here Is How to Fix Throttled Internet

Are You Constantly Struggling with Throttled Internet? Here Is How to Fix Throttled Internet

Internet throttling involves intentionally slowing down your Internet connection by your ISP. Most ISPs are known to employ this technique as a way of regulating network traffic. From a user’s perspective, you do not care whether or not your traffic is loaded. What you want is a fast Internet connection. When you notice that your connection is slowing down, you can run some tests to find out whether or not your ISP has throttled your bandwidth. Nomad Internet promises to deliver an unlimited 4G hotspot no throttling connection. You can rely on us for truly unlimited data, no throttling.

Use the following strategies to fix a throttled Internet connection:

  1. Keep tabs of your monthly data usage.

Some ISPs pretend to accord you unlimited data usage but in the background, secretly place a cap on how much data you can use per month. They begin implementing throttling technique once you exceed the limit. The best way to know whether that is the case in your situation is to watch out the amount of data you use per month. You can compare your usage across two to three months and identify the point at which you begin noticing the throttling effect.

There are various ways to check your data usage. One of the ways is to use an app for this purpose. Free apps such as GlassWire are built to track this usage. If you are on a PC, you can also for the respective software.

When you’ve determined your usage, you may consider taking it up with your ISP. Share with them all the facts you’ve found out and demand an explanation. That is why choosing an ISP with readily available customer support. In case you are not on an unlimited package, register for one.

  1. Consider using a reputable VPN

You can use a Virtual Private Network to determine the possibility of your ISP throttling your Internet connection. To do so, run a speed test without a VPN and then rerun the same test using a VPN. If you notice significantly higher speed on a VPN, there is a possibility you are a victim of bandwidth throttling.

The process works because some ISPs that execute this undesired practice sometimes do so using certain types of traffic. The VPN encrypts your traffic such that the ISP wouldn’t know what type it is.

  1. Use an ISP that does not throttle

When you have expressed enough frustrations regarding your ISP, and they just can't seem to stop the notorious behavior, it is about time to make that major move. Not all ISPs maintain desired practice when executing their service.

At this juncture, you could make a move to Nomad Internet, where we offer a truly unlimited no throttle data. We believe in the quality of service. Thus, we have invested in modern equipment that can accommodate more traffic, seamlessly serving our vast customer base.

Nomad Internet does not place any data caps on your unlimited subscription. Your speeds remain constant, whether it’s in the middle of the month or at the end of the month. We are the go-to provider for unthrottled connections.

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