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5 Ways to Optimize an Internet for Rural Areas

Straight out of the gate, the best advice I can give you if you live or work in a small town is to get Nomad Internet.

As a remote worker living in a rural town, having high-speed internet access is essential, and one of the downsides of rural living is that you will have to deal with rural internet. It has much slower download speeds lags, and sometimes, it just disappears. 

I hardly have had such complaints with Nomad Internet. But on the rare occasion that you do, here are a few ideas for optimizing your internet connection.>

Ways To Optimize Your Internet For Rural Areas

If you are used to rural living, you would know that factors like weather, the lay of the land, and even your distance from the city can mean the difference between enjoying high-speed internet and struggling with rural internet speeds. 

Thankfully, I have discovered that factors within our control might sometimes cause slow internet. If you are experiencing slow internet service, try these hacks to optimize your ISP:

Turn it Off and On again: This is a universal quick fix for most electronic devices. Switch off your router or modem and wait 30 seconds before switching it back on. The reboot process might help fix your problem.

Hit the Reset button: First, ensure you have connection issues. Check your devices for lag. Shut down your router and Modem and hit the reset button. Doing this should restore your original settings and speed.

Can your Hardware handle it?: Some internet plans may not be compatible with your current hardware. Check if your Modem or Router can handle your bandwidth and internet speeds. 

Know your Internet Plan: Typically, every internet plan has its limits, and you need to check that you aren’t exceeding them. You may have exceeded the number of devices that should be connected or even the data usage levels. If this is the case, you can upgrade your internet plan.

Location: Try switching the position of your router to see if you can get higher speeds. Sometimes, placing your modem at least 2meters high can improve your speed. I recommend positioning the router or modem in a central area facing outward.

Contact Customer Service: If you try all these and they don’t work, it may be time to contact customer service. But don’t worry, Nomad Internet have the best customer service I have ever experienced. They always seem more than happy to resolve any issues I have, in no time at all!.

Just tell them: 
  • the problem, 
  • when it started and 
  • what you’ve already tried.


    At the risk of sounding like a salesperson, Nomad Internet has been a lifesaver and is the perfect ISP for rural dwellers like me and those who would instead take life on the road. It is readily available, with wide coverage, but it is also easy to set up. 

    With its great cost-effective and flexible plans, I can connect and stream multiple devices hassle-free. And Nomad internet’s top-notch customer service ensures my complaints are quickly processed and addressed in no time.

    Nomad Internet support

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