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3G Internet, 4G Internet, and Even Satellite Wi-Fi - the Only Payment You Have to Make is Monthly

3G Internet, 4G Internet, and Even Satellite Wi-Fi - the Only Payment You Have to Make is Monthly

Do you know that you can select from an assortment of high-speed internet providers, unique packages with different speeds at different costs, picking the most suitable for your location, occupation, or lifestyle?

Nomad Internet is the ideal solution for your rural and travel internet needs. When you join Nomad Internet, you become part of our connected community that works to get you online and keep you online with fast, reliable, wireless data.

Nomad Internet provides Internet that is made for those who live in rural communities and/or those on the go! We know connecting in these areas can be difficult, so we’re here to help you find the right plan for you.

By working together with the major carrier networks in the USA to combine the latest 4G LTE cellular technology with the Provider’s service, Nomad offers the advantages of a major Internet provider without the contract!

  1. High-Speed 4G LTE
  2. No Contract
  3. Up to Unlimited Data
  4. No Credit Check
  5. Home & On-The-Go
  6. 7-Day No Risk

But the service you will connect with depends on your location and needs. Let’s take a closer look at a few mobile and satellite high-speed internet providers, Shall we?




AT&T has been operational since 2005 and boasts comprehensive coverage across the country.

  1. 3G Speeds: Download speeds range from 0.68 - 1.7mb/s, and upload speeds reach 1.2mb/s.
  2. 4G Speeds: Download speeds range from 14mb/s to 61mb/s, and upload speeds average between 3 and 14mb/s.
  3. 5G Speeds: Download speed of 52.3mb/s, but it has one of the country’s best 5g video experiences.

The best AT&T 3G and 4G coverage areas are Delaware, Indiana, Connecticut, South Carolina, Rhode Island, while the best 5G coverage areas are Delaware, New Jersey, Maryland, Rhode Island, and Ohio.



With over 95 million customers and a network that caters to 98% of Americans, T-Mobile operates the second-largest wireless network in the USA, reaching Alaska and Hawaii.

  1. 3G Speeds: Speeds average below 600kb/s. Users claim to enjoy speeds that reach 512Kb/s.
  2. 4G Speeds: Download speeds range between 30mb/s to 110mb/s. Upload speeds can reach from 6mb/s to 23mb/s.
  3. 5G Speeds: Average download speed of 118mb/s and an upload speed of 16.1mb/s, according to Opensignal.

T-Mobile coverage falls short in rural areas. Its High-speed internet is available in most of the eastern parts of the US, but towards the middle of the country, large gaps begin to pop up, especially around the west coast.



Verizon Wireless boasts 95.9% of American users. Its Rural America program provides over 2.7 million users with rural internet services.

  1. 3G Speeds: Speeds reach 40 - 60kb/s.
  2. 4G Speeds: Download speeds near 50mb/s and upload speeds reach 5mb/s to 12mb/s.
  3. 5G Speeds: Upload speeds may reach 50mb/s, and download speeds may hit 450mb/s.

Verizon has low 3G coverage but high 4G LTE coverage, providing rural internet and high-speed internet to over 70% of the country. However, Alaska, West Virginia, Montana, and Nevada have spotty Verizon coverage.




Viasat provides high-speed internet via satellite broadband to areas mobile service providers cannot reach; It covers around 308.5 million people in the US alone. Areas that enjoy the best coverage include California, Texas, and New York. However, it is available in every state, making it the 2nd largest satellite provider in the US.

Viasat offers high-speed internet connections of about 100mb/s across 31 states, especially around rural areas and even areas in Alaska and Hawaii.  Viasat is pricier and slower than regular internet connections, and users are bound to experience rural internet from time to time.



HughesNet provided rural internet to over 60% of rural subscribers in 2017. With over 1.3 million users in the country, HughesNet has download speeds of 25mb/s and upload speeds of 3mb/s.

It is available to anyone, anywhere in the country. Even though its speeds may be likened to rural internet, HughesNet delivers uniform speed to all its users.

With an estimated 308.7 users, California, Texas, and New York show a greater coverage rate than the rest of the country.

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