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What is a Voice Assistant, and How Do They Work?

What is a Voice Assistant, and How Do They Work?

Voice Assistants are developed to satisfy your demand for a luxurious life. Imagine telling your phone to call someone without having to scroll through the phonebook or asking Siri to turn the music on. As artificial intelligence technology matures, these things and much more are possible.

Do not confuse voice assistants with virtual assistants. The latter refers to people you hire remotely to complete tasks while Voice Assistants are a technology.

Read on to learn more about this technology, how it works, and some of the things you can do with it.

What are Voice Assistants?

This is a technology built to respond to voice instructions and provide answers based on your query or commands. Although still in its infancy stage, Voice Assistants are able to do many things such as processing product orders, playing music, answering questions, and even calling certain phone numbers.

The foundations for the technology to grow have already been laid. Based on the way it is progressing and advances in AI, Voice Assistants may soon become the new normal. They hold the promise of accomplishing more complex tasks than what they do today.

The future outlook for Voice Assistants is that they will act as a bridge between humans and the Big Data available on the Internet. Devices that incorporate the technology will potentially harness this data to return more accurate responses to inquiry.

What can Voice Assistants do?

  1. Play music

They function as personal DJs, scanning the Internet and your storage media to create a customized playlist. Issue a command such as “Play Music” plus the song title, and the Voice Assistant will get you going. Link this to a wireless home theater and fill the house with magnificent sound.

There are times when you may issue a command for a certain song, only to be shocked that the assistant does not understand the song. A quick work around the issue is to link the Voice Assistant to a music service such as Tidal, Spotify, or Pandora. YouTube is also a great companion when looking for some cool hits.

  1. Drive safely

A significant number of car accidents are a result of driving while using the phone. Thanks to Siri, Cortana, and Google Voice Assistant, you can operate your phone driving, without touching. Ask it to call someone or send a text message while it is safely positioned from you.

You can also get directions to any place from the leading Voice Assistants. Inquire about the nearest gas station when running out of gas instead of taking a dangerously long route.

  1. Locate misplaced devices

More often than not, we misplace our phones and spend a significant amount of time looking for them. You can rely on Cortana, Siri, Alexa, and Google Voice Assistant to find misplaced or lost devices. The feature can also work for tablets and computers when necessary setup is done.

  1. Up to date news

Do not let anything pass you by. Voice Assistants are pre-parked with features to scan news websites and deliver the information right on your smartphone. It can inform you whether it's going to rain, which is the latest in the world, and much more.

  1. Random fun

Ask the assistant to tell you a joke, and it will not disappoint. Have more fun by asking Siri whether she knows about Cortana or whether Google Voice Assistant knows your partner’s name. Speak out anything that comes into your mind for a joyful evening.

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