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From our CEO: Happy 2023! We have upgraded to a Fixed Wireless Network!

From our CEO: Happy 2023! We have upgraded to a Fixed Wireless Network!
At Nomad Internet, we want to do nothing less than change the world! We are excited to announce the next step in that!

We now provide the best possible 4G/5G Internet you can buy in the United States. Whether rural or not. Period.

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See…Nomad Internet started small in 2017…..and in a few years we have become one of the most popular rural Internet brands in the United States. 

We have served tens of thousands of Internet customers all over the country. In fact, we even have customers in Alaska!!! Even Hawaii!!!

In December of 2022, we announced we were moving on from our old Internet Network, what we now call “Nomad Legend”. 

And now, starting in 2023, we have created something different….something new.

We want to introduce you to the Nomad Air and Raptor 4G/5G Modems. Both provide the highest quality Wireless Internet you can possibly buy in America. Anywhere in America

nomad air 5G modem

The Nomad Air and Raptor Modem will provide the best possible way you can experience a Wireless Internet connection.

The Nomad Air and Raptor Modems, when paired with a Nomad Plan, run on what is called a new 4/5G Fixed Wireless Network. As opposed to Nomad Legend (and ALL other Nomad competitors) which runs on a 4G/5G Mobile Wireless Network.

Nomad Internet is the first Internet Company in the United States to offer 4G/5G Fixed Wireless Network Internet!!!

In fact, at the time I am writing this, we have no true “competitors.” They may walk-like Nomad or talk-like Nomad, but only we are Nomad Internet.

Happy New Year! From the Garza Family!


If you want to know more, read on to see how it works!

Most people are not aware there even is a different kind of 4G/5G Wireless Internet Network called a Fixed Wireless Network. 

But, to understand what a “Fixed Wireless Network” is, is to understand that there are actually two kinds of Wireless Networks floating around in the air……they even sound like the same “name” but they work very differently.

There is what is called a Mobile Wireless Network, which works more like a cell phone or hotspot.

Then, there is a Fixed Wireless Network which works more like Cable or Fiber Internet Service or WISP.

Everyone today uses what is called Mobile Wireless Network. It is what your cell phone and hotspots run on

A Mobile Wireless Network is what’s used by all other Nomad competitors. In fact, it is the same kind of 4G/5G data that Nomad Legend used. 

Any device that runs on a 4G/5G Mobile Wireless Network (like a Nighthawk) will use the lowest quality data there is.

The reason the data quality is so low is because 4G/5G Mobile Wireless Networks run on what is called an “internal network” or what is called an “intranet.”

This data is natted twice and you do NOT have a public IP address. 

This is an important distinction because it means all real-time services you try to use will not work well. You will notice this especially true when doing things like gaming, VOIP, video calls, video conferencing, etc.

Have you ever noticed that video calls, or games, just never seem to work “right” on your cell phone? This is why it's like that, those devices are not connected directly to the Internet. So, it takes twice as long for anything to happen in real-time. 

This is why the “quality” of a Mobile Wireless Network is always the worst, no matter how fast they are!

Video call meeting with Nomad Internet

Nomad Modems uses what is called a 4G/5G “Fixed Wireless Network”. And, it works in a completely different way

When a Nomad Plan is paired with a Nomad Modem, something very specific happens. Any device now connected to that Nomad Modem is now on a completely separate network called a 4G/5G “Fixed Wireless Network”. 

Your Nomad Modem will become directly connected to the World Wide Internet!! So, it will have its own public IP. You can host meetings, servers, screen share, game correctly, do proper port forwarding.

In other words. You are connected directly to the world!

A Nomad Internet Modem will provide the best possible way you can experience a Wireless Internet connection. Any device you connect to your Nomad Modem will have significantly less latency.

In fact, your latency on your Nomad Modem will be almost twice as fast as even a typical Home Internet connection (like cable or even Starlink) And, even 3 times faster than a Mobile Network Provider (like Nomad Legend or any other competitor).

Only Nomad Internet sells Nomad Modems which are made to work specifically on a 4G/5G Fixed Wireless Network.

So, no matter what, a Nomad 4G/5G Modem will always provide a higher quality experience than any other Internet connection provider.

Even if it is “unlimited data” on a Mobile Network or Satellite Network, you will always have a lower quality connection VS a Nomad 4G/5G Modem.

Nomad Mobile Wireless

A Nomad Internet Modem will always provide a better connection than a Nighthawk Hotspot. No matter how many SIM cards you run through it!

Heck, a Nomad Modem will outperform and provide a better Internet connection that a Starlink Modem EVER will!! No matter how many Satellites Elon Musk puts in the sky. You can try to bend physics, but you can’t break it. Closer is always better!

Want to talk about it? I am on Twitter :)

You just have to decide what is more important to you. Unlimited low quality trash data? OR, 300Gb of the highest quality 4G/5G data you can possibly buy. Ever.

With Nomad Internet, you will always have better quality service no matter how cheap the other guy is, or how “unlimited” they are. 

Jaden Garza, CEO of HXO and Nomad Internet

PS. And……not only will everyone else have lower quality data……they will always be at risk of being “shut down”! Especially when they use a plan and a modem that are not Certified to work together (every rural flaky WISP, the “FireHog”, and “Limitedville”)

Nomad Modem gray
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