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Stay Connected on Land and Sea

Stay Connected on Land and Sea

High-Speed Internet is important when traveling - and is accessible thanks to Nomad just about anywhere you can think to go!

The history of the human race is predominantly one of traveling nomads. It was only in the last few centuries humans began settling in large cities. Traveling is part of humanity’s history as much as everything else.

Continuing on our history lesson... In the 14th century, scholars first used ‘travel’ to describe movement over distances. But the truth is, people had already been traveling long before the 14th century.

Today, much hasn’t changed. People all over the world continue to travel for different reasons, including:

Sense of Freedom

You know that feeling of peace and relaxation you get when traveling by your favorite means of transportation? You are not the only one that feels that way! People over time have traveled because of the sense of freedom it brings.


Yup! People have gone on vacations since before the 14th century. Traveling allows people to visit new places and locations. Getting away from the regular enables you to decompress and release pent-up tension and stress.

Lifestyle choice 

Of course, some groups of people decided traveling once in a while just won’t cut it. They decided to make it a lifestyle. These people are called Nomads, moving from place to place, never settling for too long in one spot. Nowadays, more and more people are becoming Nomads, such as Digital Nomads who choose to engage in remote work so they can travel!

Remote work

Being a 21st Century Nomad

In our world today, being a Nomad has become an attractive prospect. People of all ages constantly move, discover new places, and experience new cultures. Thanks to technology, different modes of transportation allow travelers the choice, luxury, and convenience while moving from one place to another.

Two popular modes of transportation for Nomads today is:

  1. The RV
  2. Boats/Sailing

    The RV

      One popular way to get around as a nomad in the US is the RV, a classic symbol of adventure. Inspired by early Roman traveling caravans, the RV has become a convenient and comfortable way to travel.

      Traveling in camper van

      Initially used for long-distance travel, the RV has slowly become a more recreational vehicle that’s perfect if you plan on becoming a nomad that travels by road. It’s a house on wheels, after all!

      Some extra advantages of using an RV include:

      1. It is a cheaper way to travel
      2. It is flexible
      3. It is ideal for maintaining social distance
      4. It promotes a minimalistic lifestyle
      5. You get to connect with nature
      6. There’s enough room for family or pets


        If traveling in an RV is not your speed, traveling via boat is the next best thing. While living on a boat is not for everyone, it is exciting, freeing, and adventurous for the Nomads that choose to live a transient lifestyle and are called to water!


        Of course, there are factors to consider like boat type and lifestyle changes that need to be considered. However, the effects of sailing on health and general wellbeing make it worth it—nothing like being in the middle of nowhere on the water to clear your head and help you decompress.

        Here are some other advantages of living on a boat:

        1. It increases your connection to nature
        2. It reduces the cost of living
        3. It promotes a healthy and active lifestyle
        4. It reduces stress levels

        How to Navigate Being a Digital Nomad in 2021

        Playing together in camper van

        In the US, thanks to the pandemic, there is a steady rise in remote opportunities and remote workers, which has opened doors for many individuals across the world to work from anywhere without being physically present at the office. Naturally, this has also led to an increase in digital Nomads worldwide.

        A digital nomad can work from anywhere remotely while traveling to different locations. You often see them working in co-working spaces, public libraries, and coffee shops, usually using the establishment’s Wi-Fi or other devices with wireless internet capabilities like mobile hotspots.

        Digital nomads are remote workers who usually travel to different locations. They often work in coffee shops, co-working spaces, or public libraries, relying on devices with wireless internet capabilities like smartphones and mobile hotspots to do their work wherever they want.

        Becoming a Digital Nomad can be an exciting adventure, but that’s not the only benefit to choosing this particular lifestyle.

        Other benefits include:

        1. Your productivity increases
        2. More opportunities to socialize and meet new people
        3. You can work from anywhere
        4. You become more adaptable
        5. You exercise more and become more active

          Woman doing trx exercise

          Digital nomads can operate in diverse industries and occupy different roles. A typical gig for digital nomads is freelancing or joining an online marketplace for freelancers like FIVERR or UPWORK. Everyone cannot be a digital nomad; it requires organization and discipline, ensuring you enjoy your traveling and still be productive at work.

          There are some “Must-Have’s” every digital nomad needs to tick off to successfully navigate working remotely while moving from place to place.

          As a digital Nomad, you should:

          1. Have a backup plan
          2. Stick to your budget
          3. Have easy access to Cash
          4. Join a nomad community
          5. Have a high-speed internet connection
          nomad products


            One major limitation digital nomads face in the US is a reliable internet connection. Toto navigates working remotely while moving from place to place successfully working from anywhere as a remote worker; high-speed Internet is a must-have. Due to the uneven coverage provided by internet providers, traveling outside the service coverage areas can lead to missed meetings and deadlines, which is terrible for your business.

            Nomad Internet provides Internet designed for those who reside in rural communities or perpetual travelers, like digital nomads. By collaborating with the major carrier networks to ensure seamless 4G LTE cellular coverage, Nomad internet works anywhere, making sure remote workers can work from anywhere.

            Nomad Internet provides a connected community for the digital nomad that ensures. High-Speed Internet is always available, making it the perfect choice for any digital nomad traveling in an RV or on a boat. Even better, Nomad internet gives you the benefits attached with signing with a popular internet provider without all the extra paperwork.

            High-Speed Internet is Important when traveling, and Nomad Internet ensures it is accessible to you whether you’re traveling with an RV or on a Boat. Join the Nomad Internet family today and get $25 off using the code WELCOME25 at checkout.

            Nomad Internet for Travel

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