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A Day in The Life of a Full-Time RVer

A Day in The Life of a Full-Time RVer

If you lead a traditional lifestyle with a typical 9 to 5 where you work at the same office every day and go back to the same home each night, the life of a full-time RVer can seem like a completely foreign concept. But there are plenty of people who make it work—and you might be one of them. If the RV lifestyle is something you’d like to know more about and are considering for yourself, keep reading.

The RVer’s Morning Routine

The day of the average RVer probably starts the way anyone else’s day does. It begins with a cup of coffee or tea and getting dressed and ready for the day, maybe even some exercise or meditation to mentally and physically prepare for the day ahead.

Although one of the big benefits of living on the road is the flexibility and spontaneity, most RVers realize they can’t always be flying without a plan. Having some semblance of a routine helps ground them. Otherwise, they won’t be productive which would make it very difficult or impossible to finance their RV lifestyle.

The Four Types of RVing Days

The best way for an RVer to integrate routine into their lives is to wake up knowing the purpose of the day ahead. The purpose could be simply to enjoy the place where they’re boondocked or it could be to telecommute to work. Whatever a day may look like, having a purpose will make the RVing experience a much more satisfactory one.

A lot of RVers like to break their days into these four categories:

  • Moving
  • Working
  • Exploring
  • Relaxing

While there may be some overlap, roughly dividing an RVing lifestyle into these four categories gives RVers structure and helps them plan.

Moving Days

On a moving day, RVers are not only moving from one location to the next but also spending time preparing for that move. That means cleaning up the RV and making sure all their belongings are secure as well as making any arrangements that will help them get ready for the journey. Deciding where to go next can take some careful thought and planning. Over time, RVers usually develop a system and are able to cross all the items off their to-do lists more quickly.

It’s common for RVers to spend about two weeks at a location before moving on to the next. This is usually the boondocking stay limit so it’s perfect! When moving from one location to the next, most RVers won’t go too far away to avoid travel overload. Once they hit the road, an RVer’s routine will vary based on how far away they’re traveling. They could be driving for most of the day, showering on the side of the road, and taking breaks when they can.

Working Days

The biggest mystery for a lot of people is how RVers get work done. Since the majority of full-time RVers have remote jobs, flexibility is a major benefit. They can work whenever, wherever. However, work is definitely an area where creating some structure helps. An RVer might switch things up every now and then, but keeping some semblance of regular hours helps them stay productive even if their environment is constantly changing.

Exploring Days

Exploring days are the days where an RVer sees the sights around them. Their activities of choice depend on what they enjoy doing. Some RVers might hike, others might go kayaking. These are the days the average RVer will look forward to the most. They can tune into the nature around them and even venture out to meet some locals if they’d like.

Relaxing Days

Lastly, there will be some days when an RVer will just relax. Sometimes being constantly on the go can be draining, which is why it’s good to have days to stop and recharge. These may be days where an RVer reads a good book, does some journaling, catches up with friends over Zoom, or works on something creative. E-books are an RVer’s best friend because it allows you to limit the amount of stuff you have while living on the road. Most libraries offer e-books that can be checked out on an app for free. By having some relaxing days on the agenda, an RVer will be ready to go full-force on their exploring days!

All the Days in Between

As you can see, the life of a full-time traveler definitely isn’t all glamor. There are plenty of “normal” activities to squeeze in every day. RVers go grocery shopping, make doctors appointments, pay bills, and run other errands just like everyone else.

There are also chores involved with being an RVer. Some of them look very similar to regular household chores such as doing the dishes, dusting, and disinfecting. There are also plenty of tasks to do that are specific to RVing. Inspecting the roof seals and seams, checking the batteries, changing the oil, and replacing filters are all examples of essential RV maintenance. It helps if an RVer can do some of these tasks on their own.

A good RVer knows never to neglect these crucial types of maintenance and repairs. Otherwise, the damage could become even more costly and dangerous. To a full-time RVer, their recreational vehicle isn’t just a way to get around. It’s their home, and it’s important to take proactive steps to protect that home.

Get Great Internet to Support Your RV Lifestyle

Does all of this sound like something you would enjoy? Are you thinking of making the lifestyle switch? It’s definitely possible! One of the most important things to do before you hit the road as a full-time RVer is invest in fast, reliable internet service from Nomad Internet.

While constantly being on the move can be tricky, Nomad can keep up with your lifestyle. So many RVers rely on us for work, play, and socializing online. For more information on our plans, get in touch with Nomad Internet today!

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