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RV Internet Boosters for A Stronger WiFi Signal

RV Internet Boosters for A Stronger WiFi Signal

When you’re traveling and working in an RV, one of your most essential assets is going to be your WiFi signal. Spotty and unreliable WiFi hotspots can seriously affect the quality of your work and your ability to reach deadlines. Not to mention, affect your streaming services when you have some downtime and want to binge-watch a new Netflix series! To ensure that your WiFi signal is as strong and healthy as possible you could invest in an RV internet booster.

What is an Internet Booster & Why Might You Need One?

An RV internet booster helps to make your internet connection faster, stronger, and spread out over a larger area. Those who live and work out of an RV may need an internet booster if they notice that their WiFi connection is a little weak or spotty while they’re on the road. Additionally, RVers may want to occasionally work outside of their RV only to find that their signal doesn’t reach very far.

If you are living and working in an RV with another person, and you have multiple devices connected to a single internet source, the two of you may find that your devices aren’t working at an optimal level. If you both are relying on your internet source to work and make money, this could present a serious issue.

How Does an Internet Booster Work?

An RV internet booster works by taking an existing internet connecting and amplifying it. Once an RV internet booster has been installed, all of the devices that are connected to the internet will be able to work more efficiently. Therefore, you will be able to work more efficiently!

When you have the right RV internet booster for your specific situation – whether you’re working part-time, full-time, or with multiple devices – you can work with confidence knowing that your signal will never drop. Plus, with the best internet booster for RV, you may even be able to do some work outside of the vehicle while you soak up the sun!

The Different Types of Internet Boosters

There are many different types of internet boosters that you can buy for your RV and they vary in shape, size, and price. Some models have outside antennas, some plug into a wall outlet, and others are completely wireless. Essentially, they all work the same way and the best one for your situation will have to be determined by personal preference, your required capacity, your budget, and the overall pros and cons of the device.

In order you answer the question, “what is the best internet booster to buy?”, we have created a list of the top 5 RV internet boosters in the market in 2020.

The 5 Best RV Internet Boosters for 2020

1. The Winegard ConnecT 2.0 4G LTE and Wi-Fi Extender

This is one of the best internet boosters to buy for an RV because it’s a 2-in-1. Not only does it extend the signal of your WiFi, making it stronger and faster, but it is also the source of your Wifi! This device eliminates the need to purchase a separate hotspot so you don’t have to deal with too many pieces of equipment in your RV.


  • 4G LTE hotspot backup
  • No drilling required
  • 2-in-1 hotspot and internet booster


  • Doesn’t always work well with Verizon WiFi plans
  • Requires a prepaid plan for 4G LTE connection

2. Google WiFi

The Google WiFi device is compact with a modern aesthetic. They are available in one or three-packs and each device has a range of about 15000-square feet which should be suitable for most RVs. The Google WiFi internet booster can replace any router and works well with a variety of plans.


  • Affordable
  • Wireless
  • Set of three can cover up to 4,500-square feet


  • AT&T devices may have issues connecting multiple devices
  • Technology may be too simple for those who require advanced settings

3. BearExtender RV & Marine High-Power USB Outdoor WiFi Antenna

This internet booster works by plugging directly into the computer that is connected to the internet. It features a 16-foot USB cable that runs from the booster, which can be mounted or moved about, and efficiently picks up an internet signal even from long distances.


  • Waterproof, dustproof and UV-resistance
  • Three mounting options: Velcro pole mounting strap, a metal pole mounting band, and a detachable tabletop tripod


  • Does not include a hotspot
  • Is not wireless
  • Cannot be used with cellular devices

4. KING KF1000 Falcon Automatic Directional WiFi Antenna with WiFiMax Router and Range Extender

This rooftop RV internet booster makes WiFi speeds up to 5GHz faster. It also automatically adjusts its position in order to give you the best possible internet connection in your RV. Weighing in at just under 3-pounds, this RV internet booster will not be difficult to install or transport.


  • Long range makes it great for remote locations
  • Uses a convenient app for configuration
  • Automatically adjusts direction for best signal


  • May be difficult to install – instructions are very specific
  • High price point

5. NETGEAR RV WiFi Range Extender EX2700

The NETGEAR RV internet booster is small and affordable but gets the job done. It plugs right into the wall and helps to extend a WiFi signal up to 800-square feet, it’s easy to set up, and it is completely wireless.


  • Extremely affordable at a price point below $40
  • Installation is as simple as plugging the device into a wall outlet
  • Works with up to 10 devices


  • 800-feet may not be enough coverage for all RVers
  • Only functions with 26 GHz connections making this device limited in band support

Things to Consider Before Buying an Internet Booster

While you’re shopping for an internet booster for your RV, there are a few things that you should keep in mind. Knowing what to look for in an internet booster will help you choose the best internet booster for your RV!

  1. Security – If you’ll be on public WiFi networks, you’ll want to make sure the connection is secure so no one can hack your devices. It’s recommended to have a WPA or WPA2 security mode
  2. Weatherproof – If you’re shopping for a device that attaches to the exterior of your roof or directly to your computer, make sure it can withstand rain, wind, dust, and UV rays. Even when you’re inside your RV with your device, there is the risk of spilling liquids – especially when driving!
  3. Price – Expensive internet boosters aren’t necessarily the best option for every RVer, especially those who are working on a tight budget. There are plenty of RV internet boosters that are very affordable and work efficiently.

Whether you’re connecting to a hotspot in your own RV or public WiFi at an RV park, an internet booster is not something you should skip out on – especially if you’re working while on the move! Knowing the best RV internet boosters will help you live more conveniently and comfortably even when you’re away from the comforts of home!

Nomad Internet For a Strong RV Internet Signal

When it comes to your RV time, you got into the lifestyle for the fun and adventure, not for the headaches of a shaky internet signal. When you’re at home, you know your internet is solid, and it should be the same when you hit the road for vacation, to go check out the big college ball game or are out exploring a new park. You shouldn’t have to continually be checking who has what signal there, then reading reviews to see if it’s true and if the signal is good.

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