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7 Reasons Why Rural Life is Better Than Urban Life

7 Reasons Why Rural Life is Better Than Urban Life

Are you looking into moving into the countryside? You may have some questions about the pros and cons, like “Will I have a strong internet connection?” and “Do the benefits of living rurally really outweigh the convenience of living in a city?” We think that the rural lifestyle comes with many benefits!

You’ll Have Lower Stress Levels

Did you know that living rurally can decrease stress levels, help lessen mood disorders, and increase dopamine levels? We all experience stress from time to time, but one of the great benefits of living rurally is that you’ll have calm, peaceful surroundings that help you balance out stress levels and live a more serene life. You may find yourself happier and healthier overall. Without the stress of crime, neighbors, and privacy, it’s much easier to relax and enjoy the nature around you!

You Get Lots of Privacy

One of the best benefits of living rurally is the amount of privacy you get. Living a rural life means living outside of city limits. A country lifestyle allows you to have all of the space and privacy that you need to live a happy, comfortable life. Crime rates are almost nonexistent, and while you may have some neighbors, they won’t be crowded into a tiny area around you. There’s not a lot of hustle and bustle and you’ll rarely have to deal with unwanted visitors and the noise of traffic. Instead, your day-to-day life will be peaceful and quiet.

You’ll Get to Enjoy Wildlife and Plant Life

Rural life is full of pleasant surprises. Living out in the country or outside of city limits often means a variety of wildlife. Birds, bugs, and mammals that you’ve never seen before will come wandering onto your land, giving you the chance to experience nature close up! Plus, you’ll likely be surrounded by a wide variety of plant life that changes with the seasons, from trees to wildflowers and everything in between. You can plant flowers and shrubs that attract even more birds, butterflies, and bees if you like!

You Won’t Get Disrupted by Traffic and Noise

Tired of arriving late due to unexpected traffic? Sick of waking up before your alarm goes off because of noisy neighbors or cars honking their horns? Living rurally provides you with the opportunity to create an established, stable routine where you rarely have to worry about things like traffic or noisy neighbors. If you love peace and quiet, the rural lifestyle may be perfect for you!

The Air Quality is Superior

Living out in a rural area typically means that you’re further away from air pollutants. Urban life is often full of air pollution, and the contaminated air can slowly damage your health or exacerbate a variety of conditions such as asthma. Moving out into the countryside can help your health long term whether you have a medical condition or not. Plus, the fresh air is just pleasant to breathe!

Living Costs Are Often Cheaper

Living a rural lifestyle is much cheaper than living in an urban area. Rural homes are often less expensive because they are in less desirable and populated areas, which is good news for you. Often, you’ll have the opportunity to buy a nicer, larger home than you would in an urban setting.

Additionally, the rural lifestyle gives you the space needed to grow your own garden, care for your own animals, and to simply provide better for yourself, making living a lot cheaper. Some ways to lower your living costs may include:

  • Growing your own garden. Gardening isn’t too difficult of a task if you learn when and where plants grow best. If you plant at the right time of year, space your plants out accordingly, and water them regularly, you’ll often find yourself with a flourishing garden by summertime. Gardening can be cheaper than buying all your vegetables and fruits at the store, and it gives you the opportunity to eat the freshest, most nutritious homegrown food possible – which definitely adds to the deliciousness! Plus, living rurally often means being closer to farmers or other local people who grow their own food.
  • Have your own chickens or cow. Raising your own chickens or cows can help provide you with eggs and milk, which are common ingredients in many peoples’ daily diets. Raising your own livestock will help you lower the cost of living by eliminating the need to buy certain foods, just like growing a garden! Make sure that you’re well-educated on the animal you’re going to buy before you purchase it. Animals are a big responsibility, so make sure you have the knowledge, space, and supplies needed for raising them!
  • Use fireplaces or wood-burning stoves. Heating your home in the winter is a lot easier when living rurally. Make sure that your home has fireplaces or wood-burning stoves in order to save a lot of money in the winter time! While these options are available in urban life as well, for those who live rurally, firewood is cheap or free. Many properties have an abundance of firewood available, but if not, you can usually purchase firewood locally for a low price. Fireplaces and wood-burning stoves heat a room for a fraction of the cost of using central heating!

You Can Still Have a Good Internet Connection with a Rural Lifestyle

From being less stressed to living a cheaper lifestyle, it’s no wonder that those who live in the country love their rural lifestyle. But there are also a few things that people worry about when they’re considering moving outside of the city. Many people are concerned that they won’t be able to get a strong internet connection from their home, which could make it difficult to work from home, stay connected to friends and family, and do all the things they enjoy doing online.

Luckily, there are solutions for that! Don’t let internet connection stop you from loving the country life. Switch to Nomad Internet to be covered no matter where you are! As long as you’re within range of a cell tower, you can get fast, affordable internet and enjoy all the benefits of living rurally at the same time.

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