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Rural Internet for Gamers

Rural Internet for Gamers

To successfully participate in competitive gaming, you need a stable and reliable Internet connection. For those in a rural area, you might find it a bit challenging to determine the right connection.

Before you can start installing a rural Internet solution, you need to conduct a detailed search to understand what would work for you. More importantly, consider the speeds required. The rule thumb is to choose a minimum of 3 Mbps as your download speed and minimum of 1 Mbps for upload speeds per user. When you know the number of people who will use the connection, multiply by the minimum Mbps to determine the right speeds to go for.

The ping rate of your rural Internet is equally important. It has an impact on your speeds, which translates to how fast you connect to the gaming servers. Here is how it would turn out in a practical session – if you and your competitor press the strike button simultaneously, the one with the best ping rate will take the lead in executing the action.

Internet options to avoid when gaming

If you want a seamless gaming experience, avoid these options

  • 4G LTE – Assuming that your 4G LTE connection is capped at 20 GB per month, this option would only handle a maximum of two gaming sessions the entire month. The situation worsens when more people are connected.
  • Satellite Internet – This type of Internet is provided in the same manner that TV and radio signals reach your home. Since satellites are in constant motion, you may have cases of disconnection when the distance between the satellite dish and your home is too far. Its availability is also pegged on favorable weather conditions. Furthermore, this option tends to rank on the expensive end and can be a huge strain on your budget.
  • Mobile hotspot – Do not even think about using a mobile hotspot or any other type of hotspot if you want a great gaming experience. Hotspots do not generate the appropriate speeds for gaming.

Here is a look into some rural Internet options that can power your gaming needs:

  1. Fixed Wireless Internet

Fixed wireless Internet involves broadcasting radio waves to your home for Internet access. Nomad Internet is one of the leading providers of this type of Internet connection. We have powerful devices that broadcast a high-speed Wi-Fi signal, allowing you to enjoy your gaming without interruptions.

Some of the requirements for fixed wireless Internet to be in a line of sight. The provider assesses your home to ensure there are no barriers created by large trees, tall buildings, or mountains.

  1. DSL Internet

DSL Internet is based on your current phone lines and can prove the most reliable, especially considering it has high to no data caps. In addition, its ping rates are low, signifying faster Internet speeds. In the gaming example described above, you will be the first to execute the strike command. That is the ideal situation for most gamers.

Sometimes it might prove challenging to know the exact speeds allocated under the DSL plan. For a start, go with a monthly subscription before you can commit to a long-term contract.

Let’s get playing!

Now that you have seen the right rural Internet for your gaming, it’s time to hold the play pad and showcase your best moves. If you are having a challenge settling on the right ISP in your area, Nomad Internet can see you through. Get in touch today for a professional rural Internet installation.

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