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Remaining Connected when Travelling: How to get Internet Connection While Traveling?

Remaining Connected when Travelling: How to get Internet Connection While Traveling?

Are you on a journey and still want access to the Internet? Remaining connected when traveling is one important consideration that most people never want to compromise. It ensures that you do not miss out on an important incident, especially now that the Internet makes everything seem to be flying past us quite fast. Luckily enough, technology presents us with a series of ways to keep tabs with the rest of the world even as you deal with that long journey.

Here is a look at two key ways to get an Internet connection while traveling:

Purchase a SIM Card with local coverage

Sometimes back, when SIM cards were associated with a particular smartphone, it was difficult to buy another SIM card when in an area where your carrier had poor coverage. However, today most phones are sold as "unlocked." That means they can take in a SIM card from any carrier.

In most places you visit, you can choose a SIM card whose carrier has the strongest signals within the area. Proceed to purchase a preferred data plan. Some people may go for an unlimited data connection. That is a wise choice, especially if you are a heavy data user. For the mild Internet users, the pay-as-you-go model works just fine.

However, if you will be changing regions often as part of your travels, keeping track of a bunch of SIM cards may prove challenging. In this case, you need a better alternative, like the one offered by Nomad Internet.

Get a portable Wi-Fi device.

If you often travel with your laptop, then you are aware that option one discussed above would not work for you. That's because tethering from your smartphone to a laptop or any other gadget tends to be more expensive. Furthermore, tethering not only quickly drains your phone battery, but also some carriers may not have that functionality. In most cases, when you buy unlimited data, it is meant to be used just on one device – your smartphone. Trying to share the connection with others may not work.

What you need in such a situation is a portable Wi-Fi device. The portable device still requires a SIM card. However, the data plan, in this case, is one that can be shared with other devices. Nomad Internet provides fast speed portable hotspot devices that you can use while on the journey. We guarantee reliability due to the fact that our routers connect to nearby cell towers for high-speed connectivity.

Internet considerations when traveling

It is important to keep in mind a couple of things when traveling:

  • Use texting apps instead of SMS

Utilize WhatsApp, Tango, Viber, and many other texting apps for this purpose. These only depend on your Internet connection instead of airtime.

  • Understand your data requirements

Never travel without evaluating your data requirements. Doing so helps with prior budgeting and makes the best decisions regarding Internet packages. A simple online search can reveal numerous data calculators that will help you not over-spend or undercut your needs.

  • Be wary of free Wi-Fi connections.

Do not rush into accepting free Wi-Fi connections either on the bus or at your destination. Even though these save you money, they can be risky. Never use them to conduct online banking.

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