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Nomad Internet's Groundbreaking 4G/5G Outdoor Wireless Modem Brings Lightning-Fast Speeds to Rural Homes and Businesses

Nomad Internet's Groundbreaking 4G/5G Outdoor Wireless Modem Brings Lightning-Fast Speeds to Rural Homes and Businesses

Anyone within Verizon's Ultra Wideband area can get up to 500Mbps speeds wirelessly with the Nomad Ark.

Since Nomad Internet's debut in 2017, the wireless internet company has been shattering the traditions of rural web access with lightning-fast wireless options. Now, Nomad Internet is continuing this tradition of leading-edge technology and exceptional service with the debut of the Nomad Ark. 

The Nomad Ark is the first 4G/5G outdoor wireless modem from Nomad Internet and has been designed from the ground up as a solution for rural homes and businesses. The FCC perfectly cites the problem faced by people in rural areas regarding broadband: "In rural areas, nearly one-fourth of the population – 14.5 million people – lack access to this service."

Nomad Internet has been providing solutions to this issue since its birth, but now, it's delivering the best speeds yet with a single technological breakthrough. CEO Jaden Garza personally tested the modem and reports getting download speeds of 227 Mbps and upload speeds of 28 Mbps. He conducted the test in a remote area 5 miles away from the nearest cell tower. Although his signal was barely at one bar, the Nomad Ark still performed at 200+ Mbps speeds.

According to Garza, anyone within Verizon's Ultra Wideband (C-band) coverage area can wirelessly get up to 500 Mbps speeds with the Nomad Modems.

The sleek and streamlined Nomad Ark is priced at less than $1,000 and offers such effective service that there's virtually no difference in speed between its wireless service and cable or fiber. This opens up exciting new opportunities for individuals and businesses located in rural areas, who've long struggled with reliable access to the internet.

Nomad Ark

Now, these people can use the Nomad Ark to stream, use smart devices, access the cloud, and everything in between.

"We are thrilled to bring the Nomad Ark to people in rural areas across the country. If you're within the Ultra Wideband area, you can absolutely take advantage of this new technology," said Garza.

Nomad Internet's wireless broadband includes truly unlimited data at speeds customers love. See more at See the full Nomad Ark speed test results and commentary at HERE.

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