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Nomad Internet's Fixed Wireless Internet - Rural Wireless Internet Access

Nomad Internet's Fixed Wireless Internet - Rural Wireless Internet Access

We are your one-stop place for all your rural wireless Internet access needs. We consider it our responsibility to bring out the Internet to you. Get a chance to enjoy fast and reliable Nomad Internet wireless connection, thanks to the investment in the best equipment available.

What is the Nomad Internet fixed wireless solution?

Our fixed wireless Internet access is not the same as fiber and DSL. Rather than running a cable to your home, our wireless solution involves transmitting Internet signals to your home via radio transmitters.

To supply you with this kind of access, we first install a receiver in your home, which picks signals from the nearest base station. We then run a single cable from the receiver to your home's router, where you can share the connection with the rest of the family members.

We focus our fixed wireless Internet service to rural areas where the cost of installing DSL and other Internet access options is prohibitively too high. It can be quite expensive to transport, and burry cables as well as get all the required permissions. Such operational expenses only end up increasing Internet charges on end-users. Our wireless Internet solution helps keep at bay the amount of money you pay for the connectivity.

Fast fixed wireless Internet in 3 simple steps

  • Assessment

Our first step to bringing fixed wireless Internet to your home is to understand your environment. We deploy an expert technician to evaluate your home and determine the best place to position the radio receiver. The aim is to keep it secure while at the same time unobscured from receiving the signals. Hurried installation without due assessment risks setting up the equipment in a way that it keeps failing to pick the signals.

  • Installation

Based on results from the assessment, we fine-tune your antenna to pick the strongest signals. We know that you deserve the best, hence dedicated to surpassing your expectations.

  • Connection

We do not just run a cable from the radio receiver to your router and leave it there. Our expert helps you with all the required Wi-Fi setups, including choosing a preferred Wi-Fi name and a secure password. By the time we leave your home, you will be ready to go.

Why fixed wireless Internet?

  • Does not require the installation of physical cables and the hassles involved. As a result, we can get you up and running in the shortest time possible.
  • The fact that minimal cables are used for this installation maintains your home's aesthetics. You won't feel as if additional equipment is changing the look and feel of your home.
  • Experience unlimited bandwidth, something that might not be easy to achieve with traditional cellular providers. Furthermore, we guarantee faster download speeds, allowing you to stream your favorite videos with no buffering.

When you let Nomad Internet install your fixed wireless Internet, you can be sure that you will get what you paid for—Surf, the Internet with peace of mind, knowing that you cannot run out of data.

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