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Must-have gadgets for Rural and Traveling Digital Nomads

Must-have gadgets for Rural and Travelling Digital Nomads.

As a digital Nomad, whether on the road or living in a small town, you need some gadgets to improve your work experience and live your best life while working remotely. Below is a list of gadgets that will upgrade your digital nomad experience.

5 Gadgets you need in a Small Town

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  • Ergonomic Office Chair: Be it at your kitchen table, the couch in the living room, or the chair on your patio. Sitting with the wrong posture can lead to back and neck pains, posture problems, and even health issues in the long run. An ergonomic chair is not just comfortable but designed to look out for your back, especially during those long hours sitting in front of your computer.
  • Noise Cancelling Bluetooth Headset: Even though most small towns are quiet, other occupants of the space you work from may not always stay silent. Bluetooth headsets with noise cancellation tech eliminate the external distraction giving you the laser focus you need to complete tasks. Most of these headsets also have long-lasting batteries.

  • Multi- USB Adapter: If you are a remote worker and you are anything like me, you have multiple devices to get work done often. Using various devices may require connecting numerous devices to your workstation. The Multi-USB adapter gives you a hub where any of your devices can remain connected on the fly, eliminating the need for you to switch between devices.
  • Wireless Charging Pad: This technology is limited to only compatible devices but can save you a lot of stress and clutter in your workstation. This ‘no wires required pad charges multiple devices with up to 15W, which means they charge fast. It is also a safe alternative to traditional charging.
  • Webcam: For remote workers, this is a no-brainer. However, most laptops already come equipped with a webcam. Regardless, a high-end webcam can improve the picture quality of your video calls and live stream, especially if you are an online gamer or Vlogger.

5 Gadgets you need on the Road

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  • Laptop Stand: Always wondered why your neck and shoulders are always sore? A laptop stand elevates your computer and improves your work experience. This stand is usually lightweight and durable.
  • Solar Charger: A solar charger is a must-have if you are a digital nomad on the go. This device ensures you stay online and operational wherever you may be—running low on juice? A portable solar charger can give your devices extra charge to keep you working and practical wherever you are.
  • External Storage Device: Data accumulates when you live and work on the go. The storage capacity of your devices may be exceeded. Even if they aren’t, too much data may affect their performance. External hard drives ranging from 500GB to 1TB ensure your devices don’t get bogged down with those extra files and a backup option on the go.
  • Keyboard Case: These are cases for your Tablet or iPad with a keyboard attached. This handy gadget can turn your tablet into a mini-computer on the go. This gives you the flexibility to work away from your laptop, improving efficiency, and oh, it’s also a very stylish accessory.

  • Nomad Internet Modem: You can’t be a remote worker or a digital nomad without a reliable internet connection with broad coverage that ensures you stay connected no matter where you go. Nomad Internet uses the latest 4G LTE technology and collaboration with the three largest network providers in the US to deliver high-speed, reliable, and hitch-free internet at affordable rates! What’s even better, Nomad Internet boasts a most emphatic and professional customer care culture, so you are assured of speedy response to your inquiries and queries on the go!
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