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Living In Rural Areas doesn't disconnect You from the World!

Leaving In Rural Areas doesn't disconnect You from the World!

I've been a rural resident for 18 months, and being a young person living alone; I thought the transition would be much harder. But with Nomad Internet, the transition has been hassle-free. I keep in touch with family and friends all day, every day.

You probably have heard all the not-so-good things about the internet connection in rural areas. Well, before moving here and experiencing rural living for myself, I also heard all sorts of negative things about rural internet. And this made me seriously reconsider my rural living dream.

While I don't agree with completely labeling rural internet ‘crappy’, there were days the word accurately described my internet experience. The first few weeks living in rural America were torture. Those days when I had no internet service despite paying huge internet bills. Not for long. I soon realized that my horrible internet experience could easily change when I find a provider that is not just affordable but also meets my needs.

internet outside RV

My quest to find a good provider that caters to rural residents finally ended when I found Nomad Internet. Besides the fact that their internet connection is fast and reliable, I love this provider because;

  • No contract! Month-to-Month plans: All Nomad plans require no contract and no credit checks. Each payment pre-pays for your next 30 days of membership. And you can cancel your subscription at any time.
  • They have a reward program: Nomad awards monthly rewards for every active friend or family member you refer who purchases a new Nomad Internet service. To know more about the rewards program, click here.
  • Community building: Nomad internet has polite customer service representatives. They also educate users on their services, life as a digital nomad, and rural living. These articles are written by real-life digital nomads, travelers, and rural residents.
  • 7-day No-Risk Return Policy: You can return your device for a full refund. Nomad Internet will never force a router that is not working. If you’re not happy, it can be exchanged for a better fit if you're unhappy. And if still unsatisfied, feel free to return.
  • Nomad cares about its users: Directly quoting the information on their website, “We believe that just because a person chooses to live in a rural area doesn’t mean they should have overpriced or slow Internet.” Once I saw this statement, I knew I had to get their router. They understand the struggles of rural residents. 
  • The thousands of reviews from real users: Nomad internet has over 5,000 Google reviews. Don’t trust my word? Click here to see for yourself. 

Here are ways Nomad Internet's high-speed Internet has kept me connected to the world

online gaming
  • Online games: Nomad Internet’s high-speed internet allows me to play online games for hours. Through playing online games, I have connected with a couple of people. I even have a new BFF. Lol.
  • Social media: I’m always online. Whether liking posts, stalking a celebrity, or going live, I can do anything with Nomad internet. Via social media, I have reconnected with some of my old friends who moved abroad right after high school.
  • Remote/freelance jobs: Job platforms are not the easiest to navigate. I watch videos on how to use job platforms online, and I can apply for jobs long before applications close quickly. All Thanks to Nomad Internet.
  • Video conferencing: Video conferencing is an important communication tool for freelancers and remote workers. It helps build team spirit, saves time, and improves productivity. I use video conferencing as a tool to get new clients and also keep existing ones. I don’t worry about the video call dropping or freezing with Nomad internet. Only good conversations all day long.
  • Online dating: When I first started living in rural America, I had a boyfriend, my high school sweetheart. He visited anytime he could, but the distance did a number on our relationship and we decided to part ways. Fast forward to 11 months ago, I met a very handsome man on a dating app. We texted and video chatted for a while, and finally met a couple of months back. And it’s been amazing. Still, a long-distance relationship but the Nomad internet helps us virtually share every moment of our lives with each other.

Living away from family and friends, I have to be more intentional about maintaining the bonds I spent all my life creating. Nomad Internet helps me continuously enjoy new relationships and strengthen old ones by making communication and connecting with people easier, more immersive, and real.

I say this because I spend hours talking to friends over FaceTime, go on elaborate date nights, and have heartfelt conversations without feeling like we aren’t in the same room. I don’t know how Nomad Internet does it but the connection is always fast, lag-free, and reliable.

Nomad Internet for residential

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