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Introducing the Nomad Air Rental Kiosk!

Introducing the Nomad Air Rental Kiosk!

We are excited to announce that we have begun building the first Nomad Air Rental Kiosk!

The Nomad Air Rental Kiosk will allow you to rent a Nomad Air by the hour, day or week! So you can have internet anywhere you go!

Just walk up to the kiosk, choose how many days you need it for, pay with credit card or Apple Pay, and in seconds, our kiosk will provide you a pre-activated Nomad Air ready to use!

Our goal it to place them in Travel Centers, RV Parks, Sporting Stores and more!

And as soon as you are finished using it, bring it back to any of our Nomad Kiosk locations and return it through the machine! Think Redbox.

How cool is that!

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