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How to Get Free Internet for Life - Is Free Internet Worth It?

How to Get Free Internet for Life - Is Free Internet Worth It?

We all love free stuff. But not all free stuff is good. The Internet is not exempted here as well.

Some people may find Internet charges to be quite overwhelming. That is particularly true when you choose an ISP that does not keep up with the reality of increasing economic hardships. A good ISP should have understood by now that a considerable number of people have been laid off or taken pay cuts. Under these circumstances, Nomad Internet considers it our moral obligation to cushion you from the burden of huge Internet charges.

This guide is split into two bits:

  • Nomad Internet role in reducing Internet costs
  • Other options for free Internet

Nomad Internet approach to keeping Internet costs down

Here is how we are playing our role in maintaining Internet expenses and investments reasonable during these unique times:

  • 7-day, money-back guarantee

We are not in a hurry to charge you when you are not sure whether Internet investment is something that you need to add to your plans. As a result, we let you enjoy our high-speed Internet for 7 days, risk-free. Our money-back guarantee holds as long as you find the Internet connectivity unsatisfactory.

  • Diverse plans for all

We do not just serve a particular class of people. Instead, we have plans that can work for all people based on different pricing models. Go through all our offerings and choose one that best works for you.

  • Discounted devices

You do not need to incur high expenses when purchasing the right device for your Internet connectivity. Whether you are buying our Travel Wi-Fi Router for use in your car or the Wi-Fi Router to install in your home, you can be sure to get a discount. All these devices are ready to the plugin, saving you money that would have been spent in getting a setup technician.

  • No credit check

We are not interested in your credit background when you come to us for Internet installation. By taking away such background checks, we aim to open as many homes as possible to the rest of the world, even those without a huge credit. Our only interest is to assess your home and the best installation angle to take—nothing else.

  • No data limit

Surf the Internet without worrying that you may run out data and incur extra charges. Our no data limit policy ensures that the mentioned monthly charges remain unchanged.

Other options for free Internet

Consider the following options when aiming at getting a free Internet connection.

  • Leverage your current connectivity – When you installed home Internet, you probably did so to get data for social media, watching Netflix and videos from other platforms. You can earn points from doing this. Platforms such as Swagbucks pay you for that. Spend a couple of minutes here and there, and you will be getting enough to pay your next month’s Internet bill.
  • Answer questions – You can look for online surveys that pay. With a brilliant strategy, you may be on your way to earning enough money that not only services your Internet expenses but also has enough remaining for other bills.
  • Public Wi-Fi – Facebook and Google are known to run initiatives to connect more people to the Internet. You can check out whether or not such programs cover your area.

Disclaimer: As you look at some of the things you can do online to get free money flowing in for your next month’s Internet bill, watch out for scammers.

Is Free Internet worth it?

Free Internet may or may not be worth depending on the approach taken. For instance, when you decide to depend on free public Wi-Fi for the connectivity, you also need to be aware that you are exposing yourself to the threats of an attack. It is better to carry along a portable Wi-Fi router than take such risks.

If you decide to use your Internet connection to make money online for your next month’s Internet bill, then that is a worthy approach.

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