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How to access the Internet on the go with Nomad Internet?

How to access the Internet on the go with Nomad Internet?

You must have heard about stories of people taking a long trip only to come back home with unimaginable Internet bills due to mobile phone roaming. If you haven't, take care when planning that next travel before becoming a victim.

A digital Nomad who is ever traveling has to play smart to remain connected to the Internet while keeping costs down. Instead of staying offline, explore the various options for accessing the Internet while on the move.

The following are some of the Internet options you have when traveling.

  1. Mobile Wi-Fi

Mobile Wi-Fi, also called Mi-Fi, is a small portable device that you can use to create a personal secure Wi-Fi connection. If you will leave your home with the smartphone, tablet, and even laptop, the Mi-Fi is an essential tool that you should carry along.

There are no wires or software installations when it comes to mobile Mi-Fi.

On the road travelers may find it viable that the device can hold power for a much longer time. These devices are built to function specifically as hotspot zones. Thus, their batteries can hold power for a much longer time. 

Depending on the subscription enrolled to, you may get unlimited internet.

Browse the Internet and stream your favorite videos without ever worrying about running out of data.

  1. USB Dongle

A mobile broadband dongle serves you better as you travel with your laptop, and you need it connected to the Internet.

The USB dongle works in a simple manner. Just plug it into one of the USB ports on your laptop and let the operating system automatically detect the right software to install. For those on Windows 10, you could even create a mobile hotspot from the laptop when connected to the Internet.

  1. Hotspot from your phone

Modern smartphones have the hotspot feature that you can explore to share your device's Internet with other users. To connect your laptop to the Internet while traveling, simply create a hotspot from the phone, and that's it!

This option works best when you have a few people connecting. Too many users can quickly deplete your data. Besides, when in a rural area, the connection may not be so strong.

That is where Nomad Internet comes in. You have access to membership options for all the four major carriers. Explore the Membership Plans to choose one that has the best coverage for you.

  1. Specialist roaming SIM

Most operators do not have favorable roaming prices. When on the move and do not want the inconveniences of switching SIMs, you might consider getting yourself a travel SIM.

The way a travel SIM works depends on your provider. Sometimes, all that might be required is a sticker placed on your existing SIM Card to make the phone dual SIM card. You can then use the SIM's data plans.

For someone of the move, you may not want to pay several weeks or months ahead but rather on a per-day basis. That means you only pay for the Internet when you need it.


On the road travelers do not have to give up on accessing the Internet while far away in a rural area. Nomad Internet offers the most favorable rural Internet options to keep you connected at all times. Explore the packages offered to choose what works for you.

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