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Family-Friendly RV Destinations: Fun Activities for Kids on the Road

Family-friendly RV destinations.

What's better than hitting the road with your family for a good old-fashioned road trip?

How about doing it in an RV with fun activities for kids at some of the most family-friendly destinations out there?

From national parks with hiking trails to amusement parks with thrilling rides, there are endless options for adventure on the road. So grab your family, RV, and sense of adventure, and get ready for some fantastic fun.

Disney World, Orlando

Disney World, Florida, USA

Let's start with one of the most iconic kid-friendly destinations out there—Disney World. This place is a bona fide mecca for kids (and, let's be honest, adults too).

From classic rides like Pirates of the Caribbean to newer attractions like Avatar Flight of Passage, there's never a dull moment at this magical place. And don’t forget the parades, character meet-and-greets, and fireworks shows that are sure to make any kid's dreams come true.

Fun activities for kids at Disney World

Start at the Magic Kingdom and let your kids explore the enchanting world of Disney. Then, venture to Epcot for interactive attractions that will stimulate their curious minds.

At Animal Kingdom, watch your kids light up as they encounter exotic wildlife up close and personal. End your park adventure at Hollywood Studios and watch your kids beam with excitement as they witness live shows and meet their favorite Disney characters.

With so many activities to choose from, your family is guaranteed to have a magical time at Disney World. Plus, it's the perfect way to make memories that will last a lifetime.

Photo of the Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona, USA

The natural wonder that leaves you in awe. It's a family-friendly travel destination that’s a must-visit for any nature lover.

Not only will the kids have their jaws on the ground at the sheer size of it, but there are a ton of fun activities for them to do. They can ride horseback through the park, take a guided nature walk where they might spot some wildlife, or even go rafting down the Colorado River.

Kid-friendly activities at the Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon has kid-friendly activities that will entertain your youngsters for days. Take them on a hike along one of the many trails suitable for families, where they'll get an up-close view of the colorful rocks and unique habitats.

And for an educational experience that's still fun, check out the Junior Ranger Program, where kids can earn a badge while they learn about the park's history and environment.

Feeling adventurous? Hop on a scenic helicopter or mule ride for a once-in-a-lifetime experience, or stick around for some stargazing and night sky programs that will leave your family in awe of the beauty around them.

The Grand Canyon is a family-friendly RV destination that will make everyone, young and old, fall in love with nature.

Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming

Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming, USA

Not only does Yellowstone offer stunning views of natural wonders like geysers, hot springs, and waterfalls, but it's also loaded with all kinds of activities that are sure to keep your little ones entertained.

Don't forget to pack your camera—the sights are totally insta-worthy.

Exciting activities for kids at Yellowstone

From getting up close and personal with bubbling geysers and hot springs to spotting the park's wild inhabitants and snapping some shots, your kids will be in awe of Yellowstone's natural wonders.

Plus, they can earn their Junior Ranger badges as they learn about the park's ecology and history.

For an extra thrill, check out some of the family-friendly activities like snowshoeing and horseback riding. Or watch your kids' eyes light up as they explore the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone.

And don't forget to take advantage of the park's water-based activities, like kayaking and fishing.

Great Smoky Mountains National Park

Great Smoky Mountains National Park, Tennessee and North Carolina, USA

The Great Smoky Mountains National Park is the perfect family-friendly RV destination that allows both parents and kids to enjoy nature as a family. With over 800 miles of trails, the park has a variety of hiking options for all ages and skill levels.

Kid-friendly activities in the Smoky Mountains

First, lace up those hiking boots and hit the trails for breathtaking views of waterfalls and serene nature hikes.

Want to make the most of your time in the park? Head to the visitor centers for educational programs the whole family can enjoy. And remember to keep an eye out for wildlife as you ride along the Cades Cove Loop.

If your kids are looking for a bit more adventure, hop on a horseback riding excursion that will take you through some of the most scenic areas of the Smokies.

Jellystone Park Camp-Resorts

Jellystone Park Camp-Resorts, USA

With locations all across the USA, this campground offers fun activities for kids on the road. From swimming pools to playgrounds and even character appearances from Yogi Bear and friends, your little ones will never be bored. 

Plus, the added convenience of RV hookups and spacious campsites make it easy for parents to relax and enjoy the great outdoors. 

Fun activities for kids at Jellystone Parks

Your little ones will always have things to do at Jellystone Park Camp. There's something for every age group, from mini golf and go-karts to scavenger hunts and geocaching.

The campground also offers a variety of water-based attractions like water slides, lazy rivers, pools, and even fishing ponds where kids can test their skills with a rod and reel.

Mini-golf, arcades, and playgrounds will keep the family busy and active all day. Themed weekends and entertainment will keep everyone busy. Yogi Bear character interactions make for the perfect photo op.

And when it's time to wind down after a long day of fun in the sun, head to the family activity center for some arts and crafts or live entertainment shows that will bring lots of laughs.

Staying connected on the go

As much as we enjoy unplugging and enjoying nature on our RV trips, we can't deny the importance of staying connected. How else will we check the weather and figure out if we need to pack sunscreen or rain boots?

Let's not forget the digital resources that can enhance our family-friendly RV destinations.

Reliable internet access is crucial for making reservations and streaming our favorite family movies and shows. So, let's raise our smartphones and toast to staying connected on the go—even if it means sacrificing a little bit of that unplugged vibe.


Family vacations are all about spending quality time together and creating unforgettable memories. However, when you're on the road, it can be tough to stay entertained, especially for the kids. That's where family-friendly RV destinations come into play.

From exploring the natural beauty of Yellowstone National Park to meeting Mickey Mouse at Disney World, there's no shortage of excitement.

And let's not forget the importance of staying connected on the road (hello, reliable internet connectivity). That's where Nomad Internet comes in handy—keeping you and your family connected to the world while you explore it. So grab the kids, pack up the RV, and hit the road for a family adventure you'll never forget.

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