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Common Misconceptions About Unlimited Internet

Common Misconceptions About Unlimited Internet

Unlimited Internet refers to the Internet where you do not face downloading or usage caps. In an ideal environment, the expectation is that you can get as much data as you want. However, as most consumers quickly learn, that is otherwise.

There are many misconceptions about unlimited Internet that must be broken down for consumers to know what they are paying for. Let us have a look at some of the top misconception about unlimited Internet:

1. Unlimited Internet suits only corporations

Most discussions about unlimited Internet tend to focus on the corporate sector, making most people think it is of no relevance to home users.

Not exactly.

Unlimited Internet is relevant to small businesses and corporations just as it to home users. In any case, one could argue that home users need it more than some small scale businesses. Consider this scenario - at home, one is likely to spend time watching Netflix or playing an online video game. Research shows that one hour of streaming high definition quality Netflix movie equates to 3 GB worth of data. If you watch more than 4 Netflix movies in a day, your data usage could easily reach 10 GB+. Now, imagine your use for the week and month. Some small scale businesses may not even be consuming bandwidth as much as you are.

Installing unlimited home Internet saves you the hassle of disconnecting some people because they are likely to deplete your allocated bandwidth. Enjoy the freedom to surf the Internet and connect with friends across the globe without worrying about running out of data with Nomad Internet.

2. Unlimited Internet is expensive.

Subscribing to an unlimited Internet plan can be worth it, especially if you are a heavy user. For instance, those who often stream movies or play online games cannot effectively rely on the pay-as-you-go model. Such a subscription quickly turns out to be expensive, and you will frequently run out of data.

On the other hand, if you are not a heavy user, you may consider exploring several cheaper plans than an unlimited subscription.

The term unlimited can be quite confusing, depending on how your ISP classifies it. It would be best if you clarified what they mean by unlimited. For instance, your ISP may allocate you 300 GB worth of monthly data and still call it unlimited, assuming that you will never reach that cap. Most people may not, but a heavy user with numerous downloads can easily surpass it.

At Nomad, we have had our customers used more than 500GB+ and had no issues at all.

3. Only urban areas can get unlimited Internet.

    Urban areas have advanced Internet infrastructure, but it is false that only these areas can get unlimited Internet. Reputable Internet Service Providers such as Nomad Internet have coverage for rural areas and even provide unlimited packages. Feel free to visit our website and choose a package that works best for you.

    4. Unlimited Internet guarantees fast speeds

      Unlimited Internet has nothing to do with the speeds allocated to a user. You may be on an unlimited package but have 5 Mbps, while someone else has unlimited with 25 Mbps. When getting an unlimited package, do not just assume that you will get faster speeds. Instead, inform your ISP use-case to advise on preferable rates.

      At Nomad Internet, all our plans are high-speed, and this is dependent on your location and how close you are to our towers. 

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