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10 Best Christmas Gifts for RV Travelers

10 Best Christmas Gifts for RV Travelers

Many of us have an RV owner in our life. The best Christmas presents for RVers are things they can use in their home away from home and on the road. But if you don’t share their affection for the RV life, it can be a little difficult to shop for them. Don’t worry: we’ve got you covered! Here are some of the best gifts for RV travelers that your nomad friends will appreciate.

10 Best Christmas Presents for RVers

  • Portable Jump Starter
  • Backup Cam
  • Tabletop Grill
  • Nesting Bowls
  • The Ultimate Wash and Wax Kit
  • Portable Vacuum
  • No-Spill Coasters
  • Zero Gravity Chairs
  • National Geographic Atlas
  • Watt Meter

Portable Jump Starter

Sometimes the best gift you can give your loved ones is something that will help keep them safe in a worst-case scenario. One of the worst things that could happen on an RV trip is being stranded with a dead battery. If there are no other cars or campers in sight, how will the RV driver jump-start their vehicle?

Luckily, there are portable jump starters for scenarios exactly like this. They’ll allow anyone to jumpstart their RV and get back on the road in no time. No calling AAA or talking to strangers needed!

Backup Cam

Another great way to keep your RV-loving loved ones safe is by gifting them with a backup cam. Let’s face it: RVs are large and in charge. They can be difficult for even the most experienced drivers to operate at times. A backup cam with a decent-sized monitor like this one from 4UCam is an essential for every major RV road trip. The 4UCam is easy to operate and install, even for those of us who are lacking in the tech-savvy department. It even has night vision to keep you safe when you wouldn’t otherwise be able to see.

Tabletop Grill

If your friend loves taking trips in their RV, they probably aren’t that concerned about cooking a gourmet meal every night. But the more culinary options they have even in the middle of nowhere, the better off they will be. A portable gas griddle is the ultimate way to open up their options for cooking! It’s compact so your recipient can easily store it when they aren’t using it, and when they’re hungry on the road, cook pancakes, bacon, eggs, burgers, and more to perfection. It’s easy even to clean!

Grill for RV | Nomad Internet

Nesting Bowls

If you’re going to be cooking on the road, you’ll need more than just a tabletop grill. Mixing bowls and measuring cups are RV kitchen must-haves. These nesting bowls are a space-saving solution for even the tightest kitchen.

Every bowl has a non-slip base and handles on the sides for easy carrying. There’s even a colander for your favorite pasta dishes! These items are also BPA-free and dishwasher-safe, with the exception of the colander.

The Ultimate Wash and Wax Kit

An important part of being a responsible RV owner is conducting all the necessary cleaning and maintenance. This ultimate wash and wax kit is fantastic for keeping all kinds of vehicles including RVs clean at all times. RV owners can use the product with or without water. The kit includes wax that will protect every RV from contaminants and make the exterior shine like new! This is a plant-based solution that’s good for the environment and easy for everyone to use.

Portable Vacuum

While it’s great for an RV to look clean on the outside, the inside also matters. Since RVers may live in their vehicles for days at a time, they can get pretty dirty, filled with crumbs, dirt, dust, and hair. This portable vacuum cleaner is powerful despite its small size. It comes with numerous attachments and a 16-foot extension cord. Cleaning up all kinds of messes on the road is so much easier with this gadget!

No-Spill Coasters

One of the awesome things about RVs is that passengers can be sitting in the back relaxing on the couch even while the RV is still on the move. The only problem is that things can get a little messy in the RV. Thanks to the awesome invention of the CouchCoaster, no one has to worry about spilling their beverages.

These innovative coasters attach to the arms of couches or chairs and keep most standard-size cups and mugs secure. Travelers can sip their morning coffee, afternoon tea, or even hot chocolate without spilling or splashing even while the RV goes around sharp turns and steep hills.

Zero Gravity Chairs

Some of the best RV gift ideas aren’t for use in an RV but rather items that your friends can use when they get to their destination. Instead of buying the traditional lawn chairs for your RVer’s camping trip, gift them the superior ergonomic experience that zero gravity chairs provide. These chairs are easy to transport, long-lasting, and they even have a removable tray with cup holders. You never thought that portable chairs could be this comfortable—but they are! These recliners are the perfect way to sit back, relax, and enjoy the gorgeous scenery around you.

National Geographic Atlas

While atlases may no longer be necessary because of the internet, they sure are fun to have when you’re an avid road tripper. And when it comes to anything travel-related, there’s no one better to trust than National Geographic. Their Road Atlas 2021 includes road maps for all 50 states, Canada, and even Mexico. It’s the ultimate travel companion filled with can’t-miss sites. It will no doubt become one of your friend’s favorite RV resources.

Watt Meter

For your energy-efficient RV traveling friends, this wattmeter is the perfect gift! They can determine how much power all their electronic and internet-powered devices are consuming using this gadget. It’s also great if your RV friends have kids. A watt meter is a fantastic way to teach children about power usage and conserving energy.

Any of these will make fantastic Christmas presents for the RVers in your life. They will serve them well for many fun road trips to come!

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