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Best Wi-Fi Routers for Working from Home

Best Wi-Fi Routers for Working from Home

Working from home has gradually become the New Normal. As you do so, a major part of your activities requires stable Internet connectivity. Is your rural internet service provider up for this? More importantly, what Wi-Fi router can you use for better results?

A reputable Internet Service Provider ought to be one that offers rural high-speed Internet connection for seamless remote working experience. You need to be able to share files with your colleagues spread out all over in a matter of minutes, if not seconds.

During the installation of rural wireless internet access, you have a choice to either use the router that your ISP provides or go with your own. Nomad Internet grants you these options for increased flexibility.

Here is a look at some of the best routers to consider:

  1. Nomad Internet Hotspot & Routers

The Nomad Internet routers and modems connect to nearby cellular towers to deliver fast-speed LTE data connection. These can be set up depending on your use case.

Those looking for the internet on the road can use our Travel Wi-Fi Router to get an Internet connection on the go. It perfectly fits into the life of a traveling Digital Nomad and those wondering how to get an Internet connection while traveling. It comes packed with long-lasting batteries to take you throughout the day. To avoid power letdowns, if you are on a long journey, you can consider carrying a charger for the Nomad Internet Travel Wi-Fi.

We also Wi-Fi router solutions for homes. While installing Internet connectivity to your home, we also include a router for wireless connection. All the capable devices in your home – Smart TV, smartphones, tablets, IP cameras, and more, can connect to this wireless network. This is the simplest analogy that is used to create a smart home and the Internet of Things.

We keep our routers on the latest firmware in order to deliver top-notch speeds and security. Considering that hackers regularly roam the Internet looking for vulnerabilities, it is necessary to keep your home network secure to avoid becoming a victim of a cyberattack.

If you prefer to go with your own router, you can consider the following options.

  1. Google Nest

Google Nest Wi-Fi router integrates a Home Smart speaker, giving you access to both Wi-Fi signals and a music system. If you have the budget for this device, you can find it quite convenient.

When using Google Nest, all that would be required from our end is to pull the Internet LAN into your home then configure it in the router. We will strategically position it so that it covers a considerable part of your house.

  1. Eero

Most homes consider installing Eero due to their favorable pricing. Whereas the router conveniently spreads out Wi-Fi signals in your home, you may have a bit of a challenge covering some parts of the house due to range issues. 

Make sure that you know just how well it can cover various rooms in your house before investing in the router. You have the option of getting a Wi-Fi extender in case the signals do not reach the desired zones.

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