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Announcing the Nomad Internet Reseller Program!

Announcing the Nomad Internet Reseller Program!

We have some amazing news to share with you! Nomad is preparing to launch its reseller program!

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The country’s regional WISPs have been helping provide Americans with Rural Internet for a long time. Many regional WISP’s have existed long before Nomad Internet, and we respect the commitment they have made in helping rural communities get High-Speed Internet.

In many ways, WISPs are like silent heroes. They have been helping small and rural towns receive High-Speed Internet for over two decades!

While regional WISPs have the strength of the local communities, Nomad Internet brings the strength of our National brand, as well as our direct relationships with cellular providers and the best certified 5G and 4G Modems money can buy.

Next month, Nomad Internet will be launching a new “Professionally Installed” modem that uses high-gain directional antennas to extend the reach of carrier networks, providing 5G fixed wireless access (along with 4G LTE fallback at LTE CAT-22 speeds*) to serve rural customers in more places.

Nomad Internet will join forces with WISP’s all over the country to help install the Nomad Ark!

Over the past few weeks, we have received emails about reselling Nomad services from companies all around the country! ………And I am excited to share that ANY person or company can join our new Nomad Reseller Program!

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