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5 Things Your Boss Wishes You Knew About Unlimited Internet

5 Things Your Boss Wishes You Knew About Unlimited Internet

Modern businesses depend on the Internet more than ever. Without access to the Internet, a significant number of business operations would remain standstill. This realization has made it mandatory for businesses to install unlimited Internet connections for limitless connectivity.

Unlimited Internet is more than just a 24/7 connection. It is about being able to access the Internet without data caps. This type of Internet connection is more relevant to the workplace today as opposed to data with limits. Your bosses would like you to acknowledge its importance.

Here are five things that your boss wishes you knew about unlimited Internet.

You can share files of any size.

Unlimited Internet is called “unlimited” for a reason. It allows you to consume the bandwidth without ever running out of data. With such a connection, your boss expects you to share files with your colleagues without the excuse that you do not have enough data bundles.

There are numerous technologies for sharing files of any size on the cloud. Some of these are freely available, while others may have a subscription model. Whichever the case, the fact that you have access to unlimited Internet means a lack of data cannot be an excuse not to transfer those important files to colleagues.

You can do unlimited emails and conference calls.

Modern workplace operations depend on email exchanges and conference calls. A few hours of Internet outage in the workplace can result in significant derail in your business operations. That is why your boss cannot take the risk of facing an Internet cap.

Unlimited Internet means you can send unlimited emails and make as many conference calls as required. Take advantage of this installation to increase your productivity.

Remote access to your company network

The ability to remotely access your company resources – email, files, ERP system, and work-related software – helps maintain a flexible working schedule. Besides the security and control dynamics involved, your organization has gone the extra mile to maintain high reliability regarding access to the network from home.

Your boss would like you to know that there is an unlimited Internet at work for round-the-clock access. You can seamlessly log in to your workplace customer database from home and setup project workspace without worrying about losing Internet connection.

Your VOIP calls depend on unlimited Internet.

You must have noticed that you have a VOIP phone on your workstation. Have you ever wondered how it works, yet it does not have any SIM card in it? Well, even though your boss will not tell you directly, you can use the VOIP because of unlimited Internet.

If you were on capped data, your ability to use the VOIP would be cut when you reach the limit. That would mean you cannot make calls to your business partners, and neither would they be able to contact you. Thanks to unlimited Internet that will not happen.

Your boss is not worried about multiple Internet users.

If you have more than one device, feel free to connect it to the company Internet. Your boss is not worried about the amount of bandwidth you consume. The fact that you are connected to unlimited Internet means you can use as much bandwidth as you want.

However, your organization also knows that you should focus on work. For that reason, they have set Internet access controls. When the regular working hours are done, you will access the other sites that might have been locked from the productivity period.

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