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Remote Work and the Great Outdoors: A Guide to Oklahoma's Best Work Spots

Working remotely can be both a rewarding and challenging experience, but with the right guidance it can also be one of the most rewarding experiences. Here is a guide to Oklahoma’s best work spots, so you can make the most of remote work while also getting in touch with nature:

Look into wireless internet services - With providers like Nomad Internet offering reliable wireless services with no data caps, there's no need to worry about slow speeds or connection drops ever again! This will allow you to take advantage of rural areas where traditional high speed internet is not available. Find an outdoor spot - Sometimes the best way to get in touch with nature and get some fresh air is to look for an outdoor spot that offers good views and quiet surroundings. Whether it's a park bench near a lake or a café terrace in downtown Tulsa, there are plenty of places where you can enjoy some peace and quiet while still working efficiently.

Visit local tourist attractions - Some areas around Oklahoma offer stunning natural views and amazing sights that are perfect for taking short breaks while working remotely. Visiting places like the Great Salt Plains National Wildlife Refuge or Beavers Bend State Park can help you relax your mind and clear up any creative blocks too! Whether you're looking for an escape from your home office or want to explore more of what Oklahoma has to offer, these tips will help ensure your remote work experience is as productive as possible!

Why is Nomad Internet better than regular internet?

Nomad Internet reviews from our site


Rating 5

I recently decided to take the plunge and become a digital nomad, so I knew I needed reliable internet service in rural Oklahoma. After researching my options, Nomad Air seemed like the best choice for me. I can confidently say the speed has been fast enough to handle video calls and streaming services with no hassle. It's also been incredibly reliable with no downtime yet during my several weeks of use. All in all, it's been an exceptional experience that makes remote work a breeze!


Rating 5

I'm a digital nomad in Oklahoma, and I was looking for an internet connection that could keep up with my remote work. Fortunately, Nomad Internet came through with flying colors! The connection is lightning fast, even in rural areas, and the reliability is second-to-none. It's been a huge help being able to stay connected with family and friends no matter where I'm working from. I couldn't be happier with this service and would highly recommend it to any digital nomads out there.


Rating 5

I recently switched my internet provider to Nomad and I'm extremely impressed with the quality of service! The connection speed is incredibly fast, even in rural areas. Plus, the reliability of the signal is remarkable -- there have been no service interruptions since I started using it. It's been a huge help with family connections, remote work, and digital nomad activities. Setting up and connecting was easy, and customer service was always available if I needed help. All-in-all, my experience with Nomad has been excellent!


Rating 5

I'm extremely impressed with Nomad internet. I was looking for a fast and reliable connection in my rural Oklahoma area, so I decided to give it a try. It's been amazing - my work is no longer hampered by spotty connections or slow speeds and I can easily keep in touch with family overseas. My remote job works great too! The customer service is also super helpful and friendly - if there's ever an issue, it's quickly resolved. Nomad internet has made my life much easier - I couldn't be happier with the results!


Rating 5

I recently tried out Nomad Internet to get reliable and fast internet in my rural area of Oklahoma. I have to say that the service was really solid. It allowed me to keep in touch with family, work remotely, and even become a digital nomad. The modem was easy to install and I had no problems getting online quickly. The speeds were great for all my internet needs and it even allowed me to stream movies without any buffering. All this makes Nomad Internet an excellent choice for anyone looking for a dependable internet connection, no matter where they are located.


Rating 5

I recently subscribed to Nomad Internet for my rural home in Oklahoma, and I'm more than satisfied with the service. It's incredibly fast, allowing me to stay connected quickly when communicating with family or working remotely. Plus, the reliability is solid—it's never failed me yet! After using it as a digital nomad, I can confidently say that this is a great choice if you're looking for an internet connection to take on the road. All in all, Nomad Internet is perfect if you need reliable and speedy internet wherever your travels might take you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are some ways to increase internet speed in rural parts of Oklahoma?

Here are some ways to increase internet speed in rural parts of Oklahoma:

Upgrade your plan
If you are currently on a basic plan, consider upgrading to a faster plan offered by your internet service provider (ISP).

Check your equipment
Make sure your modem and router are up-to-date and in good working condition. Old equipment can slow down your internet speed, so consider upgrading if necessary.

Optimize your Wi-Fi signa
Place your router in a central location, away from other electronics and walls. You can also try using a Wi-Fi extender to boost the signal in areas of your home with weaker signal.

Consider a fixed wireless internet provider
Fixed wireless internet uses radio waves to transmit data, similar to cell phone towers. Companies like Nomad Internet offer high-speed fixed wireless internet service in rural areas of Oklahoma.

Use a wired connection
If possible, connect your computer or device directly to the modem with an Ethernet cable. Wired connections are generally faster and more reliable than Wi-Fi.

Remember, before making any changes, it's a good idea to test your current internet speed. This will give you a baseline to compare your speeds after making any improvements.

Is Nomad Internet 5G ready in Oklahoma?

Yes, Nomad Internet is 5G ready in Oklahoma. This means that customers in Oklahoma can enjoy the benefits of 5G technology with Nomad Internet's advanced high-power directional antennas, which extend the reach of cellular networks and provide a perfect balance of network coverage and performance.

5G technology is the latest and most advanced form of wireless communication, providing faster download and upload speeds, reduced latency, and improved reliability. It is also more efficient and has the ability to connect more devices simultaneously than previous technologies. With 5G, customers can experience smoother video streaming, better gaming, and faster internet browsing.

Nomad Internet's modems, such as the Nomad Air and Nomad Cube, are designed to amplify and accumulate the signal to provide stable and fast internet to rural areas of Oklahoma. With various tariff plans, Nomad Internet aims to make high-speed wireless internet accessible to all residents of the rural areas of Oklahoma.

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Common Moving Questions

What is Nomad Internet?

Nomad Internet is America's largest Wireless Internet Service Provider. We are focused on providing High- Speed wireless Internet to rural communities all over the country and on-the-road travelers!

How does Nomad Internet work?

Instead of using traditional Internet wires, we do it by transmitting wireless Internet access directly to your home, business, and even while traveling! We combine the latest technology with Verizon’s service to provide high-speed internet to rural locations and traveling nomads. With no data limit or throttling, we offer a variety of internet plans, allowing you to choose one that fits your needs.

Do I need to sign a contract to use Nomad Internet?

No contract with Nomad Internet. You get to choose the subscription plan that’s best for you.

Are there data caps?

Yes, all Nomad Internet modems let you use public IPs. Multiple layers of encryption, enhanced Wi-Fi security, firewall filtering, built-in VPN support, IT admin controls, and other features deliver strong security at every level.

Can I use Nomad Internet for gaming?

Yes. Even if you are in the most remote location, we will provide you with robust and reliable internet for all your gaming needs. No matter your plan, you can expect fast internet with low ping rates and latency.

Can I use Nomad Internet for RVing?

Nomad Internet users can take the same high-speed, low-latency service they have at home to any location Nomad Internet has coverage. Nomad Internet for RVers/travelers will allow users to pause and un-pause service based on their individual travel needs. This feature will be available at the end of Q1, 2023.

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