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the best internet for you and your business

Nomad Internet is the countries largest WISP using wireless cell towers to deliver broadband internet capable of supporting streaming, online gaming, video calls and more

No Contract/Cancel Anytime
No Credit Check
Unlimited Nationwide Data

HOW nomad internet WORKS

At Nomad, we provide a network connection to those that live in rural communities and/or those that travel regularly.

Connect with multiple devices

Nomad AIR allows you to connect with up to 30 devices at a time, making it perfect for families, groups, and businesses.

Perfect for travel

Great for travel, Nomad Air offers breakthrough 5G and 4G LTE speeds

Dual sim compatibility

Utilizing dual SIM cards and connecting to the most reliable 5G networks. Say hello to a world of limitless possibilities.


Nomad Internet for RVs ships immediately and arrives with everything you need to get online in a matter of minutes.

Your Nomad Internet RV kit arrives with everything you need to get online in minutes including your Nomad Internet Service, Nomad Air with built-in WiFi router and power cable.

Download Nomad App

Download the Nomad App buy Modems and to Activate, Pause, Resume, and Deactivate your plans.