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Follow the steps below to help find the Membership Plan
that best fits your location.

Picking a new Internet plan can seem scary, but Nomad Internet makes finding the right device for you as easy as answering a few simple questions!

  1. Consider your lifestyle and what you’d like to use the Internet for. Do you travel often? Are you stationary and stick to one location? Do you have multiple users and devices that need to stay connected? Understanding what you need out of your service is the first step!
  2. Review our Membership Options and device pages to find information on each device's capabilities, and to see examples of how our current Nomads use their service! This can help you get an idea of which device will best suit your needs. Generally -

    If you have multiple users and devices, we’d recommend our WiFi Router for maximum coverage and capabilities!

    If you travel often and have fewer devices, and a portable router with a battery is necessary for you, we’d recommend our Travel WiFi Router.
  3. If you're still a bit unsure of which device will be the best fit, fill in the form below with your details and we’ll send you some more information!

    You can also chat with our agents in the popup at the bottom of this screen! We’d love to talk with you about your needs and let our in-house experts recommend the right device for you!

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Unsure of which plan is best at your address? Fill out the form below and let our in-house team of experts recommend the right plan for you!